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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Musical Illusions

Diana Deutsch

Diana Deutsch's Website

Hear Musical Illusions

Tone Language Speakers and Perfect Pitch

1995 Musical Illusions and Paradoxes by Diana Deutsch (Composer) (Audio CD - 1995)CD 1 used & new available from $16.92

Phantom Words and Other Curiosities by Diana Deutsch (Composer) (Audio CD - 2003) 1 used & new available from $16.92

Music as touch

Music as touch

WNYC - Radiolab: Musical Language (April 21, 2006)

Anne Fernald's Center For Infant Studies at Stanford

Our research questions

Infant Music Perception

Stanford Psychology Department - Faculty Anne Fernald

Universal music inside language

Time Magazine profile on Stravinsky, by Philip Glass

More on the "Rite of Spring" riot

Articles by Jonah Lehrer for Seed Magazine

Jonah Lehrer Proust Was a Neuroscientist

2008 Proust Was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer (Paperback - Sep 1, 2008)

2009 How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer (Hardcover - Feb 9, 2009)

2006 Seed Magazine Feb/Mar 2006 by Jonah Lehrer Daniel Dennett (Paperback - 2006)

Language Origin

Language Origin

LOS Language Origin Society

Gans - Origin of Language The Origin of Language II: Scientific Perspectives Eric Gans

the origin of language was banished from the arena of scientific debate by the French Academy of Sciences in 1866

2008 Origin and Evolution of Languages: Approaches, Models, Paradigms by Serge Cleuzious (Contributor), Jean-Paul Demoule (Contributor), Pierre Encreve (Contributor), Bernard Laks (Editor) (Hardcover - May 30, 2008)

2008 The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language by Christine Kenneally (Paperback - May 27, 2008)

2009 Language Acquisition and Language Origins by Tony McEnery (Paperback - Jan 28, 2009)

2008 The Origins of Language: Unraveling Evolutionary Forces by Nobuo Masataka (Hardcover - Aug 14, 2008)

2007-2008 The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Aug 26, 2008)

2007 Why We Talk: The Evolutionary Origins of Language (Studies in the Evolution of Language) by Jean-Louis Dessalles and James Grieve (Hardcover - Mar 1, 2007)

2007 The Singing Neanderthals: The Origins of Music, Language, Mind, and Body by Steven Mithen (Paperback - Oct 31, 2007)

2007 The Origins of Meaning (Language in the Light of Evolution) by James Hurford (Hardcover - Oct 11, 2007)

2007 The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language (P.S.) by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Sep 4, 2007)

2007 The Gestural Origin of Language (Perspectives on Deafness) by David F. Armstrong and Sherman E. Wilcox (Hardcover - April 19, 2007)

2006 Toward an Evolutionary Biology of Language by Philip Lieberman (Hardcover - Jun 30, 2006)

2006 The Unfolding of Language: An Evolutionary Tour of Mankind's Greatest Invention by Guy Deutscher (Paperback - May 2, 2006)

2006 Origins of Language: Constraints on Hypotheses (Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research (Celcr)) by Sverker Johansson (Paperback - May 30, 2006)

2006 On the Origins of Speaking: The Discovery of Stone Age Language or Ishkama Ishkara Pheikara by Lord Walsingham (Paperback - Jul 6, 2006)

2006 Music and the Origins of Language: Theories from the French Enlightenment (New Perspectives in Music History and Criticism) by Downing A. Thomas (Paperback - Nov 2, 2006)

2005 Language Origins: Perspectives on Evolution (Studies in the Evolution of Language) by Maggie Tallerman (Paperback - Aug 11, 2005)

2004 On The Essence Of Language: The Metaphysics of Language and the Essencing of the Word; Concerning Herder's Treatise On the Origin of Language (S U N Y Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy) by Martin Heidegger, Wanda Torres Gregory, and Yvonne Unna (Hardcover - Sep 2, 2004)

2003 The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World (Facts on File Library of Language and Literature Series) by Bernard Comrie, Stephen Matthews, and Maria Polinsky (Hardcover - April 2003)

2000 The Origins of Life: From the Birth of Life to the Origin of Language by John Maynard Smith and Eors Szathmary (Paperback - Nov 26, 2000)

1996 The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue by Merritt Ruhlen (Paperback - Aug 1996)

1996 The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World by Stephen Matthews, Maria Polinsky, and Bernard Comrie (Hardcover - Dec 1996)

1992 Origin & Development of Language (Learning Resources Series) by Roy Wilkinson (Paperback - Jun 1992)

1991 The Origins and Nature of Language (Advances in Semiotics) by Giorgio Fano and Susan Petrilli (Hardcover - Oct 1991)

1987 The Origin of Language: Aspects of the Discussion from Condillac to Wundt by George Albert Wells (Paperback - Aug 1, 1987)

1986 On the Origin of Language by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Johann Gottfried Herder, John H. Moran, and Alexander Gode (Paperback - Mar 15, 1986)

1986 Knowledge of Language: Its Nature, Origins, and Use (Convergence Series) by Noam Chomsky (Paperback - Jan 14, 1986)

1975 On the Origins of Language: An Introduction to the Evolution of Human Speech (The Macmillan series in physical anthropology) by Philip Lieberman (Paperback - Jun 1975)

1848 The Origin and Progress of Language by Anonymous (Hardcover - 1848)

Origin of Specific Language

2009 The Origins and Development of the English Language by John Algeo and Thomas Pyles (Hardcover - Feb 6, 2009)

2009 Representing Bushmen: South Africa and the Origin of Language (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora) by Shane Moran (Hardcover - Feb 25, 2009)

2008 The Role of Contact in the Origins of the Japanese and Korean Languages by J. Marshall Unger (Hardcover - Nov 2008)

2008 Koreo-Japanica: A Re-evaluation of a Common Genetic Origin (Hawai'i Studies on Korea) by Alexander Vovin (Hardcover - Nov 2008)

1990 Archaeology and Language: The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins by Colin Renfrew (Paperback - Jan 26, 1990)

EMI and David Cope

EMI (Experiments in Musical Intelligence)

David Cope (1941-) - Faculty: David Cope


Bibliography: Books, Articles, and CDs



Experiments in Musical Intelligence David Cope

EMI experiments in musical intelligence

Hear EMI's compositions

EMI: Experiments in Musical Intelligence

WNYC - Radiolab: Musical DNA (April 21, 2006)

Recombinant Inc - technology company cofounded by David Cope

demo : Supercomposer!


Bach by Design: Experiments in Musical Intelligence

Cope Mozart Review by Nico Schuler

2008 Hidden Structure: Music Analysis Using Computers by David Cope (Hardcover - Sep 2008)

2007 I Think I Took A Wrong Turning Somewhere!: A Book of Poems and Thoughts by David Cope (Paperback - Jul 6, 2007)

2005 Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis by David Cope (Paperback - Jan 14, 2005)

2005 Computer Models of Musical Creativity by David Cope (Hardcover - Dec 23, 2005)

2004 Virtual Music: Computer Synthesis of Musical Style by David Cope (Paperback - Mar 1, 2004)

2003 Turn the Wheel (Vox Humana) by David Cope (Hardcover - May 19, 2003)

2000 The Algorithmic Composer (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series) by David Cope (Paperback - Jun 2000)

2000 New Directions in Music by David Cope (Paperback - Sep 19, 2000)

1997-2000 Classical Music Composed by Computer: Experiments in Musical Intelligence by David H. Cope (Composer), David Cope (Conductor), Balinese Gamelan Anklung Swarasanti (Performer), Ensemble Vox Nova (Performer), Anatole Leikin (Performer), Linda Burman-Hall (Performer), Maria Ezerova (Performer), Mary Jane Cope (Performer), Randall K. Wong (Performer) (Audio CD - Aug 12, 2000)

1996 Experiments in Musical Intelligence (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series) by David Cope (Paperback - Jul 1996)

1989 New Direction in Music by David Cope (Paperback - Dec 1989)

1977 New Music Composition by David Cope (Paperback - Feb 1977)

Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks . Welcome to the Official Website

Oliver Sacks - Wikipedia

Oliver Sachs MD - Original air date July 1986

2007-2008 Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain (Vintage) by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Sep 23, 2008)

2007 Vintage Sacks by Oliver Sacks (Kindle Edition - Dec 18, 2007) - Kindle Book

2002-2005 Oaxaca Journal (National Geographic Directions) by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Oct 4, 2005)

2001-2002 Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Sep 17, 2002)

1997-1998 The Island of the Colorblind by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Jan 12, 1998)

1995-1996 An Anthropologist On Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Feb 13, 1996)

1989-2000 Seeing Voices by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Nov 28, 2000)

1985-1998 The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat: And Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - April 2, 1998)

1985-2006 The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks (Hardcover - 2006)

1984-1998 A Leg to Stand On by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - April 29, 1998)

1973-1999 Awakenings by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Oct 5, 1999)

1970-1999 Migraine by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Oct 5, 1999)

Oliver Sacks and Others

2008 The Man Who Forgot How to Read: A Memoir by Howard Engel (Author), Oliver Sacks (Afterword) (Hardcover - Jul 8, 2008)

2008 Measure of the Heart: A Father's Alzheimer's, A Daughter's Return by Mary Ellen Geist (Author), Oliver Sacks (Foreword) (Hardcover - Aug 13, 2008)

2008 A Journey Round My Skull (New York Review Books Classics) by Frigyes Karinthy (Author), Oliver Sacks (Introduction), Vernon Duckworth Barker (Translator) (Paperback - Mar 11, 2008)

2007 The Richness of Life: The Essential Stephen Jay Gould by Stephen Jay Gould (Author), Oliver Sacks (Foreword), Stephen Rose (Editor) (Hardcover - May 14, 2007)

2005 Memory Book: A Benny Cooperman Detective Novel (Benny Cooperman Mysteries) by Howard Engel (Author), Oliver Sacks (Afterword) (Paperback - Dec 19, 2005)

2004 The Man with a Shattered World: The History of a Brain Wound by Aleksandr R. Luria (Author), Oliver Sacks (Foreword), Lynn Solotaroff (Translator) (Paperback - Jun 19, 2004)

2003 The Best American Science Writing 2003 (Best American Science Writing) by Oliver Sacks (Paperback - Sep 2, 2003)




Oxford researchers, Larry Weiscrantz and Alan Cowey and Patient GY

a phenomenon called “blind sight.”

It all started with a patient known as GY. GY suffered from a peculiar vision problem. He was completely blind on his left side due to damage to his right visual cortex. When you and I close one of our eyes, the other eye compensates, offering us a fairly broad spectrum of vision. But if a person’s right visual cortex is impaired, he is blind to everything on the left side of his nose. It’s an odd--and I imagine--extremely disorienting condition.

In the late ‘90s, two Oxford researchers, Larry Weiscrantz and Alan Cowey, became preoccupied with this vision problem and recruited GY to undergo a series of tests.

Brain Glossary

Brain Glossary

BBC’s Brain Glossary from Society for Neuroscience