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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Language Origin

Language Origin

LOS Language Origin Society

Gans - Origin of Language The Origin of Language II: Scientific Perspectives Eric Gans

the origin of language was banished from the arena of scientific debate by the French Academy of Sciences in 1866

2008 Origin and Evolution of Languages: Approaches, Models, Paradigms by Serge Cleuzious (Contributor), Jean-Paul Demoule (Contributor), Pierre Encreve (Contributor), Bernard Laks (Editor) (Hardcover - May 30, 2008)

2008 The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language by Christine Kenneally (Paperback - May 27, 2008)

2009 Language Acquisition and Language Origins by Tony McEnery (Paperback - Jan 28, 2009)

2008 The Origins of Language: Unraveling Evolutionary Forces by Nobuo Masataka (Hardcover - Aug 14, 2008)

2007-2008 The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Aug 26, 2008)

2007 Why We Talk: The Evolutionary Origins of Language (Studies in the Evolution of Language) by Jean-Louis Dessalles and James Grieve (Hardcover - Mar 1, 2007)

2007 The Singing Neanderthals: The Origins of Music, Language, Mind, and Body by Steven Mithen (Paperback - Oct 31, 2007)

2007 The Origins of Meaning (Language in the Light of Evolution) by James Hurford (Hardcover - Oct 11, 2007)

2007 The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language (P.S.) by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Sep 4, 2007)

2007 The Gestural Origin of Language (Perspectives on Deafness) by David F. Armstrong and Sherman E. Wilcox (Hardcover - April 19, 2007)

2006 Toward an Evolutionary Biology of Language by Philip Lieberman (Hardcover - Jun 30, 2006)

2006 The Unfolding of Language: An Evolutionary Tour of Mankind's Greatest Invention by Guy Deutscher (Paperback - May 2, 2006)

2006 Origins of Language: Constraints on Hypotheses (Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research (Celcr)) by Sverker Johansson (Paperback - May 30, 2006)

2006 On the Origins of Speaking: The Discovery of Stone Age Language or Ishkama Ishkara Pheikara by Lord Walsingham (Paperback - Jul 6, 2006)

2006 Music and the Origins of Language: Theories from the French Enlightenment (New Perspectives in Music History and Criticism) by Downing A. Thomas (Paperback - Nov 2, 2006)

2005 Language Origins: Perspectives on Evolution (Studies in the Evolution of Language) by Maggie Tallerman (Paperback - Aug 11, 2005)

2004 On The Essence Of Language: The Metaphysics of Language and the Essencing of the Word; Concerning Herder's Treatise On the Origin of Language (S U N Y Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy) by Martin Heidegger, Wanda Torres Gregory, and Yvonne Unna (Hardcover - Sep 2, 2004)

2003 The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World (Facts on File Library of Language and Literature Series) by Bernard Comrie, Stephen Matthews, and Maria Polinsky (Hardcover - April 2003)

2000 The Origins of Life: From the Birth of Life to the Origin of Language by John Maynard Smith and Eors Szathmary (Paperback - Nov 26, 2000)

1996 The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue by Merritt Ruhlen (Paperback - Aug 1996)

1996 The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World by Stephen Matthews, Maria Polinsky, and Bernard Comrie (Hardcover - Dec 1996)

1992 Origin & Development of Language (Learning Resources Series) by Roy Wilkinson (Paperback - Jun 1992)

1991 The Origins and Nature of Language (Advances in Semiotics) by Giorgio Fano and Susan Petrilli (Hardcover - Oct 1991)

1987 The Origin of Language: Aspects of the Discussion from Condillac to Wundt by George Albert Wells (Paperback - Aug 1, 1987)

1986 On the Origin of Language by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Johann Gottfried Herder, John H. Moran, and Alexander Gode (Paperback - Mar 15, 1986)

1986 Knowledge of Language: Its Nature, Origins, and Use (Convergence Series) by Noam Chomsky (Paperback - Jan 14, 1986)

1975 On the Origins of Language: An Introduction to the Evolution of Human Speech (The Macmillan series in physical anthropology) by Philip Lieberman (Paperback - Jun 1975)

1848 The Origin and Progress of Language by Anonymous (Hardcover - 1848)

Origin of Specific Language

2009 The Origins and Development of the English Language by John Algeo and Thomas Pyles (Hardcover - Feb 6, 2009)

2009 Representing Bushmen: South Africa and the Origin of Language (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora) by Shane Moran (Hardcover - Feb 25, 2009)

2008 The Role of Contact in the Origins of the Japanese and Korean Languages by J. Marshall Unger (Hardcover - Nov 2008)

2008 Koreo-Japanica: A Re-evaluation of a Common Genetic Origin (Hawai'i Studies on Korea) by Alexander Vovin (Hardcover - Nov 2008)

1990 Archaeology and Language: The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins by Colin Renfrew (Paperback - Jan 26, 1990)

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