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Sunday, August 31, 2008

EMI and David Cope

EMI (Experiments in Musical Intelligence)

David Cope (1941-) - Faculty: David Cope


Bibliography: Books, Articles, and CDs



Experiments in Musical Intelligence David Cope

EMI experiments in musical intelligence

Hear EMI's compositions

EMI: Experiments in Musical Intelligence

WNYC - Radiolab: Musical DNA (April 21, 2006)

Recombinant Inc - technology company cofounded by David Cope

demo : Supercomposer!


Bach by Design: Experiments in Musical Intelligence

Cope Mozart Review by Nico Schuler

2008 Hidden Structure: Music Analysis Using Computers by David Cope (Hardcover - Sep 2008)

2007 I Think I Took A Wrong Turning Somewhere!: A Book of Poems and Thoughts by David Cope (Paperback - Jul 6, 2007)

2005 Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis by David Cope (Paperback - Jan 14, 2005)

2005 Computer Models of Musical Creativity by David Cope (Hardcover - Dec 23, 2005)

2004 Virtual Music: Computer Synthesis of Musical Style by David Cope (Paperback - Mar 1, 2004)

2003 Turn the Wheel (Vox Humana) by David Cope (Hardcover - May 19, 2003)

2000 The Algorithmic Composer (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series) by David Cope (Paperback - Jun 2000)

2000 New Directions in Music by David Cope (Paperback - Sep 19, 2000)

1997-2000 Classical Music Composed by Computer: Experiments in Musical Intelligence by David H. Cope (Composer), David Cope (Conductor), Balinese Gamelan Anklung Swarasanti (Performer), Ensemble Vox Nova (Performer), Anatole Leikin (Performer), Linda Burman-Hall (Performer), Maria Ezerova (Performer), Mary Jane Cope (Performer), Randall K. Wong (Performer) (Audio CD - Aug 12, 2000)

1996 Experiments in Musical Intelligence (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series) by David Cope (Paperback - Jul 1996)

1989 New Direction in Music by David Cope (Paperback - Dec 1989)

1977 New Music Composition by David Cope (Paperback - Feb 1977)

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