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Monday, May 26, 2008

Neuroscience DVD

Multimedia Films

NOVA: Puzzling Minds: Fascinating True Stories ~ Nova (DVD - 2007) ~ Nova $35.99

Intriqued by questions of consciousness and the puzzle of mind boggling brain injuries? This DVD stimulates an awarwness that - was not there before? Is seeing believing? Dr. V.S. Ramachandran's unique knowledge of neuroscience and his intuitive way to solve the seemingly impossible, is worth the price alone.

NOVA: Secrets of the Mind DVD ~ Starring: V.S. Ramachandran Director: Alan Ritsko, Christopher Rawlence 2001 $14.99

A Science Odyssey - The Journey of a Century (5-Pack) ~ Frederick Banting, Edwin Hubble, Henry Ford, and J.B. Collip (DVD - 2005) Buy new: $79.95

Penicillin. The airplane. Pulsars. Organ transplants. The atomic bomb. Psychoanalysis. The Model T. DNA. Volcanoes. The computer. Apollo 8. Travel to the dramatic frontier of scientific discovery and exploration as the most astonishing 100 years of science and technology dramatically unfold with the premiere of A Science Odyssey - the journey of a century. Hosted by award-winning journalist Charles Osgood, this five-part, ten-hour series explores the sweeping changes that have revolutionized life and thinking in the twentieth century.

Each two-hour episode moves chronologically through the century, blending exciting historic adventures - full of twists and turns, suspense and surprise - with the political, economic, and cultural changes that have caused or come about because of scientific discovery. Through illuminating first-hand interviews, rare historical footage, and state-of-the-art computer animations, A Science Odyssey offers a rich behind-the-science chronicle of the century's most revolutionary scientific and technological discoveries.

A Science Odyssey: In Search of Ourselves (1998) Starring: Frederick Banting, Edwin Hubble

A Science Odyssey - Bigger, Better, Faster

A Science Odyssey - Matters of Life and Death

A Science Odyssey - Origins

A Science Odyssey - Mysteries of the Universe

Evolution Boxed Set ~ Liam Neeson (narrator) (DVD - 2001) Buy new: $99.95
The long, long story of evolution is told very well in this extensive eight-hour series originally shown on PBS. The production begins with a dramatization of the struggles of Charles Darwin in a two-hour film aptly titled "Darwin's Dangerous Idea." Scenes of actors portraying Darwin and his contemporaries are supplemented by interviews with experts such as Stephen Jay Gould. In further installments, various topics related to evolution, such as major transformations of species, the intellectual development of humans, the phenomenon of animal extinction, and even the organized opposition to evolutionary theory by religious fundamentalists, are discussed with considerable depth. Interview segments with scholars (and their opponents) are accompanied by extraordinary visuals, including some computer-generated sequences (such as one illustrating how whales left land and evolved in the oceans) that are dazzling. This series, which is narrated by actor Liam Neeson, is a remarkably intelligent and entertaining approach to a fascinating topic. --Robert J. McNamara

Product Description
Evolution offers a groundbreaking and definitive view of the extraordinary impact the evolutionary process has had on our understanding of the world around us. Beginning with Darwin s revolutionary theory, this seven-part series explores all facets of evolution the changes that spawned the tree of life, the power of sex, how evolution continues to affect us every day, and the perceived conflict between science and religion. Includes:

Darwin s Dangerous Idea: Interweaving key moments of drama in Darwin's life with current research, Darwin s Dangerous Idea explores why his theory of evolution might matter even more today than it did in his own time.

Great Transformations: From the development of the four-limbed body plan, the journey of animal life from water to land, and the emergence of humans, Great Transformations focuses on the important evolutionary changes that triggered the earth s incredible diversity.

Extinction!: Some 99.9 percent of all species that have ever lived on earth are now extinct. Extinction! explores why, then confronts a frightening notion: Are humans causing the next mass extinction the sixth in the history of life on earth?

The Evolutionary Arms Race: Survival of the fittest: Is it raw competition, a level of cooperation indispensable to life, or both? Explore our own spiraling arms race with microorganisms the only real threat to our existence and trace the alarming spread of resistance among pathogens that cause disease.

Why Sex?: Investigate the endless variety of sexual expression and the powerful hold sex exerts over almost all living things. And discover why, in evolutionary terms, sex is more important than life itself.

The Mind s Big Bang: Between 100,000 and 50,000 years ago, something happened that triggered a creative, technological, and social explosion, allowing humans to dominate the planet. What forces may have contributed to the emergence of the modern human mind?

What About God?: Of all the species on earth, only humans try to explain who they are and how they came to be. Encounter real human stories of people struggling to find a balance between religion and science, realms that play very different roles in assigning order to the universe and a purpose to life.

Evolution (part 1): Darwin's Dangerous Idea DVD ~ Liam Neeson (narrator)

Darwin's Dangerous Idea: For 21 years, Charles Darwin kept his theory of evolution secret from all but a few friends. He confided to one: "It is like confessing to a murder." His torment resonates in society today in the challenge his incredibly powerful idea poses to our understanding of our world and ourselves. We interweave the drama in key moments of Darwin's life with documentary sequences of current research, linking past to present and introducing major concepts of evolutionary theory. We also explore why Darwin's "dangerous idea" matters perhaps even more today than it did in his own time, and how it conveys the power of science to explain the past and predict the future of life on earth.

Evolution (parts 4 & 5): Evolutionary Arms Race/Why Sex? ~ Liam Neeson (narrator) (DVD - 2001)

The Evolutionary Arms Race: "Survival of the fittest." Raw competition? Or, a level of cooperation indispensable to life? Evolution tells us that both are important. We explore our own spiraling arms race with microorganisms, the only entities that can pose a threat to our existence. We follow the struggles of medical detectives uncovering the roots of epidemics and trace the alarming spread of resistance among pathogens that cause disease, like the new virulent tuberculosis nicknamed "Ebola with wings." Interactions between species are among the most powerful evolutionary forces on earth, and understanding them may be key to our own survival.

Why Sex?: In evolutionary terms, sex is more important than life itself without progeny, we are evolutionary losers. Sex fuels evolutionary change, by adding variation to the gene pool and eliminating unsatisfactory traits. We look at the endless variety of sexual expression and the powerful hold sex exerts over almost all living things. And we explore how the need to pass on our genes has shaped our own bodies, minds, and lives. Some scientists believe that art, literature, music in fact all of human culture may be the ultimate result of our sexual drives.

Evolution (parts 2 & 3): Great Transformations/Extinction! DVD ~ Liam Neeson (narrator)

Great Transformations: What triggered the incredible diversity of life on earth, and how have complex life forms, including humans, evolved? Is there direction to evolution? And is human intelligence inevitable? We focus on evolution's "great transformations," among them the development of a standard four-limbed body plan, the journey from water to land, the return of marine mammals to the sea, and the emergence of humans. Driven by a combination of opportunism and a genetic "toolkit," these astounding leaps forward define the arc of evolution. And they suggest that every living creature on earth today, and every species that has ever existed, is a variation on a grand genetic theme, a member of one, and only one, tree of life. Extinction!: Some 99.9 percent of all the species that have ever lived are now extinct. While cataclysmic events on earth have pruned the tree of life, extinction also opens the door to diversity, carving out room for new species to emerge and thrive. This film explores the causes of the five mass extinctions that have occurred over the life of the planet, and takes us to the sources of extinctions happening today. In doing so, it confronts a frightening notion: Are we humans causing the next mass extinction, the sixth in the history of life on earth? If so, what does evolutionary theory predict for the world we will leave to our descendants?

Evolution (parts 6 & 7): Minds Big Bang/What About God? ~ Liam Neeson (narrator) (DVD - 2001)

Body Atlas DVD 5-Pack (DVD - 2002) Buy new: $134.99

This series takes the viewer on the most amazing journey in the Universe - the journey through the human body.

New techniques film the interior workings of the body in action. A computer-graphic "see-through" man and woman show the complex geography inside the human body. But these programs are far from purely medical. Each program matches the interior process to the way it affects our everyday lives - from the chemicals that control our biological clock to the growth of a baby in the mother's womb.

We will view the human body not only with new understanding but with new respect.

13 programs on 5 DVD's:

*English Subtitled

*Running Time: 5 hours, 25 minutes

Programs include:

Volume 1: IN THE WOMB




Volume 5: SKIN





Volume 10: SEX


Volume 12: NOW HEAR THIS

Volume 13: THE BRAIN

The Secrets of Savvy Networking: How to Make the Best Connections for Business and Personal Success by Susan RoAne (Audio CD - Dec 27, 2005) - Abridged Buy new: $11.66

NOVA: Secret of the Wild Child DVD $14.99

NOVA - Genius: The Science of Einstein, Newton, Darwin, and Galileo ~ Nova (DVD - 2006) $39.99

A Science Odyssey: In Search of Ourselves DVD ~ Frederick Banting $17.99

NOVA: Mystery of the Senses DVD ~ Nova $44.99

NOVA - Cracking the Code of Life DVD ~ Robert Krulwich $14.99

Consciousness DVD ~ Hameroff; Newberg; Woolf; Bierm... $39.95

Communication Assertiveness: Master Communication and Assertiveness Training Skills by Communication Assertiveness-Master Communication (DVD - Jan 3, 2006) $62.99

Social Skills Training and Frustration Management - DVD (Dec 31, 2007) by Jed Baker Buy new: $75.96

Communication Communication Skills for Project & Team Management: The NEW DVD Duo Pack: Soft-skills Video: Communication, Team Building, Team Management, ... Fidget, The Over-reacter, The Notetaker, Th - DVD (Jun 27, 2007) by Marti Ranky; BS(Hons); Gregory N. Ranky; BS(Hons); and Richard G. Ranky; BS(Hons) and Professor Paul G. Ranky; PhD; NJIT; USA Buy new: $129.99

The Four Factors of Effective Leadership DVD ~ David Rendall $30.00

GROW! Ten Strategies for Maximizing your Leadership Potential DVD ~ Rendall & Associates $34.99

Stephen R. Covey Live - The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness to Greatness DVD ~ Stephen Covey

DVD Success Series: Leadership DVD ~ Success Series-Leadership $49.95

Brian Tracy Live - Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires DVD ~ Brian Tracy $29.99

The Law of Attraction In Action Episode I DVD ~ The Law of Attraction in Action $20.99

Jim Rohn Live - Living an Exceptional Life DVD ~ Jim Rohn $29.99

The Success Principles DVD ~ Jack Canfield $29.99

Tom Peters Live - Re-imagine! Business Ex... DVD ~ Tom Peters $29.99

The Science of Getting Rich - Using The Secret Law of Attraction to Accumulate Wealth ~ Bob Proctor (DVD - 2004) Buy new: $89.95

National Geographic - Incredible Human Machine (DVD - 2008) Buy new: $15.99

National Geographic - Inside the Living Body DVD Price: $15.99

National Geographic - In the Womb DVD $14.99

National Geographic - The Incredible Human... DVD ~ Burgess Meredith $21.99

The Human Body: Major Systems & Organs DVD ~ Just the Facts $14.98

Human Body - Anatomy Overview DVD ~ Alfred Ricks Jr.; M.D. ; Alfred... $12.00

The Human Body: Nervous System DVD ~ Just the Facts $14.98

The Human Body: Musculoskeletal DVD ~ Just the Facts $14.98

National Geographic: In the Womb - Animals DVD ~ National Geographic $14.99

From Conception to Birth DVD ~ Jonathan Grupper $5.99

Essential Etiquette Fundamentals, Vol. 1: Dining Etiquette by Mike Lininger (Audio CD) $14.95

Essential Etiquette Fundamentals, Vol. 2: Wine Selection & Etiquette by Mike Lininger (Audio CD) $14.95

***NOVA: Secrets of the Mind ~ V.S. Ramachandran (DVD - 2007) Buy new: $19.95 $14.99

DO YOU SEE WHAT IM SAYING? - Secrets of Body Language Made Simple (DVD)

Body Language ~ Tom Berenger, Nancy Travis, Robert Patrick, and Eddie Jones (DVD - 2005) $5.99

09a - Body Language in Action by Richard Mulvey ~ Richard Mulvey (DVD - 2008) Buy new: $54.95

How to Read Faces: The Ultimate Advantage ~ How to Read Faces-Ultimate Advantage (DVD - 2004) Buy new: $19.95 $17.99

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Wiesel/Hubel ~ Larry R. Squire (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography: Stent/edelman (DVD) (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Benzer/Barlow (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Galambos/Mountcastle (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Jasper/Milner (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Mishkin/Konishi (History of Neuroscience in Autobiography) (DVD-ROM - 2006) Buy new: $20.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Crick/Cowan ~ Larry R. Squire (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Brenner/Fischbach (DVD) Buy new: $20.95 $18.99

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Hamburger/Levi-Montalacini (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Axelrod/Bullock (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD Kety/Sokoloff (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography DVD (DVD) Buy new: $29.95

ABC News Primetime Basic Instincts 1: What... $19.95

ABC News Primetime Basic Instincts 2: The... $19.95

ABC News Primetime Basic Instincts 3: Game... $19.95

ABC News Primetime Basic Instincts 4: Ethi... $19.95

ABC News Primetime Basic Instincts 5 $19.95

ABC News Primetime Deep-Brain Stimulation (DVD - 2007) Buy new: $9.95

ABC News Primetime Aspergers Syndrome (DVD - 2007) Buy new: $14.95

ABC News Primetime Ethical Dilemmas (DVD - 2007) Buy new: $19.95

ABC News Primetime Austisic Children (DVD - 2007) Buy new: $14.95

The Brain Fitness Program DVD ~ Peter Coyote $12.99

More Brain Games $8.99

The Secret Life of the Brain (DVD - 2002) $129.99

The Secret Life of the Brain reveals the fascinating processes involved in brain development across a lifetime. The five-part series, which premiered nationally on PBS in winter 2002, informs viewers of exciting new information in the brain sciences, introduces the foremost researchers in the field, and utilizes dynamic visual imagery and compelling human stories to help a general audience understand otherwise difficult scientific concepts. 300 minutes.

*****BBC典藏系列~人體科學系列套裝() DVD~正版新品開發票 2622 NT$

人體科學系列套裝() DVD




 人類的大腦到底是個什麼樣 的世界?多年來人類嘗試要解答這個問題,卻比想像中的還要艱深和複雜;如今,憑著日新月異的科技,以及神經科學的迅速發展,人類對大腦逐漸有嶄新的認識。 BBC英國廣播公司精心推出的人體科學系列套裝二,節目藉由先進的腦部成像科技,將人類的思想、情感和行為的根源,以視覺方式呈現出來,革命性的改變我們 對大腦本質的瞭解;主持人更以淺顯易懂的方式介紹,讓您以全新的視野觀察人類和腦部密不可分的關係。





***BBC典藏系列~BBC - 男女大不同 DVD~正版新品開發票 613 NT$

BBC - 男女大不同 DVD



男女臉部的相似度會影響彼此的吸引力嗎?而他們對婚姻的態度到底有何不同?...男女是不 同的物種嗎?節目以引人入勝、充滿娛樂性的角度,打破大眾對男女觀點的迷失,揭露兩性之間令人驚奇的差異。一直以來我們都以為男性與女性是千篇一律的,節目卻發現男女之間有顯著的區別,而這些於人類誕生時早已注定;節目並邀請真人參與科學測試,研究男女之間的差異有哪些。

****The Brain: Our Universe Within - Evolution & Perception (DVD - 2003) DVD

Recently it has become possible to undertake what had previously been thought impossible charting the activities of the mind, such as memory and thought. Join Dr. David Suzuki as he investigates evidence that our minds thoughts, feelings, spirituality and creativity are merely complicated networks of biochemical reactions. Imagine the dramatic social implications this theory could have on the world today. Evolution: Even after birth, evolution continues in our brains. New experiences actually alter the brain's physical architecture when neurotransmitters message-carrying chemicals cross the synapses. Join scientists as they try to identify these chemicals and learn the effect their transfer has on our state of mind. Perception: Although we all start with the same basic neuronal architecture, our life experiences physically change our mental make-up and the way we perceive information from our senses. Explore each of the five senses following the pathway from the sensory neurons, through the thalamus, to the cortex and learn what happens when you get your sensory wires crossed.

***The Ultimate Guide ~ The Human Body

You are nature's most complex machine - a human being - and it's time to find out what you're made of. You're about to discover the secrets you keep inside as you explore the inner workings - and unlock the mysteries - of the human body. How can a bone withstand 1,000 pounds of force without breaking? Why do some people bleed more easily than others? And, how can sound be used to make blind people see? These are just a few of the mysteries you'll explore in this fascinating release from the Discovery Health Channel. Through amazing internal photography and advanced computer graphics, get an intimate look at nature's most complex machine -- from the largest organ down to the fundamental building block of life. It's much more than a lesson in anatomy, it's a voyage of personal discovery. As a bonus feature, this DVD also includes the Discovery Pictures/BBC co-production The Human Body, a groundbreaking, large-format film that follows a family through a normal day to illustrate the biological processes that take place within us. With the help of thermal imaging and other cutting-edge cinematic techniques, explore the complexities of the human body in astonishing detail.

***National Geographic - The Incredible Human... 2002 DVD ~ Burgess Meredith

In its usual engrossing fashion, National Geographic presents The Incredible Human Body. Starting with the science of conception, this special takes you from one couple's journey through in-vitro fertilization to the removal of a man's brain tumor (while he is awake!) to the amazing memory of London cab drivers. Our body consists of 206 bones, 650 muscles, and a heart that will beat three billion times in our lifetime. How and why does our body develop the way it does? DNA expert J. Craig Venter says, "It's just like solving a jigsaw puzzle, only the jigsaw puzzle in our case has 27 million pieces [and] it came in a very big box and there was no picture on the cover." The Incredible Human Body explores how the brain and body interact to not only function, but adapt and learn. Narrated by actress Kate Burton, The Incredible Human Body is a fascinating lesson in mind-body interaction. --Dana Van Nest

Product Description
The Incredible Human Body explores the enigmatic human body, showcasing its abilities -- and its potential -- by using revolutionary, cutting-edge imaging systems and the latest advances in science and technology to go inside the bodies of real people, right down to their stem cells. Following a couple trying to conceive, a professional athlete at the top of his game, and a man with a brain tumor, The Incredible Human Body shares in the personal stories of four extraordinary groups of people and explores the body from the inside out as never before.

***NOVA - Genius: The Science of Einstein, Newton, Darwin, and Galileo (1974) DVD

***NOVA: Secret of the Wild Child (1994) DVD

***Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series DVD ~ David Attenborough

As of its release in early 2007, Planet Earth is quite simply the greatest nature/wildlife series ever produced. Following the similarly monumental achievement of The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, this astonishing 11-part BBC series is brilliantly narrated by Sir David Attenborough and sensibly organized so that each 50-minute episode covers a specific geographical region and/or wildlife habitat (mountains, caves, deserts, shallow seas, seasonal forests, etc.) until the entire planet has been magnificently represented by the most astonishing sights and sounds you'll ever experience from the comforts of home. The premiere episode, "From Pole to Pole," serves as a primer for things to come, placing the entire series in proper context and giving a general overview of what to expect from each individual episode. Without being overtly political, the series maintains a consistent and subtle emphasis on the urgent need for ongoing conservation, best illustrated by the plight of polar bears whose very behavior is changing (to accommodate life-threatening changes in their fast-melting habitat) in the wake of global warming--a phenomenon that this series appropriately presents as scientific fact. With this harsh reality as subtext, the series proceeds to accentuate the positive, delivering a seemingly endless variety of natural wonders, from the spectacular mating displays of New Guinea's various birds of paradise to a rare encounter with Siberia's nearly-extinct Amur Leopards, of which only 30 remain in the wild.

That's just a hint of the marvels on display. Accompanied by majestic orchestral scores by George Fenton, every episode is packed with images so beautiful or so forcefully impressive (and so perfectly photographed by the BBC's tenacious high-definition camera crews) that you'll be rendered speechless by the splendor of it all. You'll see a seal struggling to out-maneuver a Great White Shark; swimming macaques in the Ganges delta; massive flocks of snow geese numbering in the hundreds of thousands; an awesome night-vision sequence of lions attacking an elephant; the Colugo (or "flying lemur"--not really a lemur!) of the Philippines; a hunting alliance of fish and snakes on Indonesia's magnificent coral reef; the bioluminescent "vampire squid" of the deep oceans... these are just a few of countless highlights, masterfully filmed from every conceivable angle, with frequent use of super-slow-motion and amazing motion-controlled time-lapse cinematography, and narrated by Attenborough with his trademark combination of observational wit and informative authority. The result is a hugely entertaining series that doesn't flinch from the predatory realities of nature (death is a constant presence, without being off-putting), and each episode ends with 10-minute "Planet Earth Diaries" (exclusive to this DVD set) that cover a specific aspect of production, like "Diving with Pirahnas" or "Into the Abyss" (the latter showing the rigors of filming the planet's most spectacular caves, including the last filming ever officially permitted in the "Chandelier Ballroom," a crystal-encrusted cavern found over a mile deep in New Mexico's treacherous Lechuguilla, the deepest cave in the continental United States.)

With so many of Earth's natural wonders on display, it's only fitting that the final DVD in this five-disc set is devoted to Planet Earth: The Future, a separate three-part series in which a global array of experts is assembled to discuss issues of conservation, protection of delicate ecosystems, and the socio-economic benefits of understanding nature as a commodity that returns trillions of dollars in value at no cost to Earth's human population. At a time when the multiple threats of global warming should be obvious to all, let's give Sir David the last word, from the closing of Planet Earth's final episode: "We can now destroy or we can cherish--the choice is ours." --Jeff Shannon

***The Life of Mammals DVD ~ Life of Mammals

David Attenborough and the BBC have a well-earned reputation for producing some of the greatest nature programs, but The Life of Mammals could well be Attenborough's magnum opus. Much of the footage shot for this series had never been seen before, and is presented with the respect and reverence for the natural world that Attenborough has made his trademark. It never ceases to surprise: the sight of a lion taking down a wildebeest on the African savannah has almost become a cliché of nature programs, yet in The Life of Mammals the cameras keep rolling and the viewer witnesses the fallen animal's herd coming to its rescue and driving off the lion. It's a moving sight and just one of many remarkable scenes.

A thorough and entertaining overview of one of evolution's greatest success stories, the series is loosely structured to follow the development of mammals, beginning with the basics in "A Winning Design," which clarifies what makes a mammal different from reptiles and birds--no, it isn't egg-laying: both the platypus and the echidna are egg-laying mammals; it's their ability to adapt. And it's this adaptability that becomes the crux of the remainder of the series. "Insect Hunters" focuses on mammals who have specifically adapted to eating insects, from the giant anteater and the armored armadillo to bats, which have evolved into complex and effective hunters. "Plant Predators" demonstrates the particular (and often peculiar) adaptations of herbivores, while "Chisellers" is about those mammals who feed primarily on roots and seeds, ranging from tree-dwelling squirrels to opportunistic mice and rats. "Meat Eaters" talks about the evolutionary arms race that exists between predators and prey, and the unique adaptations of both individual and pack hunters. Omnivores are explored in "Opportunists"--mammals like bears and raccoons, whose varied diet allows them to occupy nearly any environment. "Return to the Water" discusses those mammals such as whales, seals, and dolphins that have left behind life on dry land and adapted completely to life in the sea, existing at the top of the food chain. The last three episodes--"Life in the Trees," "Social Climbers," and "Food for Thought"--take the viewer through the development of primates, eventually culminating in that most successful mammal: man. --Robert Burrow

Product Description
In ten parts, the award-winning David Attenborough (2002 Emmy winner for The Blue Planet: Seas of Life; The Life of Birds) introduces us to the most diverse group of animals ever to live on Earth, from the smallest - the two-inch pygmy shrew, to the largest - the blue whale; from the slowest - the sloth, to the swiftest - the cheetah; from the least attractive - the naked mole rat, to the most irresistible - a human baby. The Life of Mammals is the story of 4,000 species that have outlived the dinosaurs and conquered the farthest places on earth. With bodies kept warm by thick coats of fur and their developing young protected and nourished within their bodies, they have managed to colonize every part of the globe, dry or wet, hot or cold. Their adaptations for finding food have also had a profound effect on the way they move, socialize, mate and breed.

**2005 Biography - Charles Darwin: Evolution's Voice DVD

He had to battle prejudice, ignorance and his own fear in his search for the truth. More than any other scientist, he changed mankind's view of the world and our place in it. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution stands as one of the most important discoveries in the history of science. Yet in his lifetime, Darwin was reluctant to reveal what he had learned for fear that it would make him and his family despised outcasts. He was right to worry; more than a century later, there are those who cannot accept his findings. At the time, they were viewed by many as heresy. From his historic voyage on the Beagle to his personal anguish over publicizing his findings, this is a fascinating profile of the life and times of the great naturalist. Excerpts from his journals detail his discoveries while leading scientists and scholars, including the author of Charles Darwin: Evolution of a Naturalist, shed light on his private life, public persona and monumental legacy.

**Biography - Charles Darwin: Evolution's Voice

He had to battle prejudice, ignorance and his own fear in his search for the truth. More than any other scientist, he changed mankind's view of the world and our place in it. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution stands as one of the most important discoveries in the history of science. Yet in his lifetime, Darwin was reluctant to reveal what he had learned for fear that it would make him and his family despised outcasts. He was right to worry; more than a century later, there are those who cannot accept his findings. At the time, they were viewed by many as heresy. From his historic voyage on the Beagle to his personal anguish over publicizing his findings, this is a fascinating profile of the life and times of the great naturalist. Excerpts from his journals detail his discoveries while leading scientists and scholars, including the author of Charles Darwin: Evolution of a Naturalist, shed light on his private life, public persona and monumental legacy.

System Requirements:

Running Time 50 Min


**Biography - Sigmund Freud DVD ~ Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud didn't intend to get into the field of psychiatry. His dream was to be a research scientist, but because of Jewish quotas he wasn't permitted to enter into the field of study. So he became a doctor specializing in nervous diseases, because at the time that's where the money was and he desperately wanted the cash so he could marry his fiancée. A&E's Biography: Sigmund Freud is an illuminating look at the man who changed the way the world viewed sexuality and who gave us "the talking cure," better known today as psychoanalysis. Through photographs, interviews with psychoanalytic experts and Freud's grandchildren, and even with a brief recording that Freud himself made, we gain a glimpse into the life of this complex man, from his childhood in Vienna to his escape to London during World War II. His life was full of contradictions: he delved into self-analysis, but never looked at his addiction to cigars; he was an early advocate of cocaine, causing a close friend to become addicted; he demanded complete loyalty from his protégés, causing a serious rift in his relationship with Carl Jung. This installment of the Biography series is a worthy addition, providing an enjoyable and educational look at "the doctor of love." --Jenny Brown

**Da Vinci Code Decoded Box Set DVD ~ Lynn Picknett

Origins of the Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code sparked a cultural phenomenon which has led millions of people to explore the mysteries of the isolated hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château. Behind the fiction of the novel is a wealth of detail originally uncovered by Henry Lincoln in his book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Origins of the Da Vinci Code, sets out to explore these mysteries in detail

Exploring the Da Vinci Code: Henry Lincoln's Guide to Rennes-le-Château
PRESENTED BY HENRY LINCOLN, CO-AUTHOR OF HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, The Original Source of The Da Vinci Code 's Fascinating Storyline

Thousands of people climb to the isolated hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château each year, inspired by Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code and drawn by the mystery surrounding the priest Bérenger Saunière and his unexplained riches.

What was the secret Saunière knew that could bring down the Catholic church? What is behind the mysterious symbolism carved into the church itself? What is the coded message left behind by Saunière that so inspired Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown? Is this the true location of the Holy Grail? Did Mary Magdalene flee to this remote part of France carrying the bloodline of Christ?

Now you too can discover the wealth of fascinating detail hidden in this mystical village and the "treasures" of the surrounding countryside, in the company of the man that started it all, Henry Lincoln. For many years he used to take small groups to visit the key locations, explaining first hand "all the history and mystery that have made the village world famous." Henry guides you through all his favorite places, including Carcassonne and Montségur, and introduces the "eighth wonder of the world", the Rennes-le-Château Pentacle of Mountains and the incredible geometrical landscape of this remote part of southwestern France.


The definitive documentary exploration of Dan Brown's thrilling novel The Da Vinci Code, answers the questions everyone is asking!

What exactly was Leonardo da Vinci trying to tell us in his coded paintings?
Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?
Who were the Knights Templar?
What is the secret of the mysterious church at Rennes-le-Château?
What is the Priory of Sion?
What secret did the real life Saunière know that threatened the Church?
What are the Gnostic Gospels?
Did Roman emperors rewrite the New Testament to control the population?

This DVD Exclusive Production is essential viewing for all readers of The Da Vinci Code, clearing away fact from fiction and revealing the hidden history and shocking revelations that have made Dan Brown's novel the most controversial and popular adult fiction of the 21st century. Featuring all the key authors and researchers on the many fascinating topics in The Da Vinci Code, including:

Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code
Dan Burstein - Secrets of the Code
Henry Lincoln - Holy Blood, Holy Grail
Martin Lunn - Da Vinci Code Decoded
Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince - The Templar Revelation
Dr. Karen Ralls - The Templars and the Grail
Dr. James Robinson - The Nag Hammadi Library
Margaret Starbird - The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

Also features original location photography from The Louvre, Temple Church, Westminster Abbey, Rosslyn Chapel and Rennes-le-Château - all shot especially for this production.

**Da Vinci Code Decoded DVD ~ Dan Brown

Fans of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code should prepare to have their minds blown all over again watching The Da Vinci Code Decoded, a mesmerizing documentary featuring several authors whose research provided the basis for Brown's bestselling novel. Henry Lincoln (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), Dan Burstein (Secrets of the Code), and Margaret Starbird (The Woman with the Alabaster Jar) are among interviewees who can tease from Da Vinci's few paintings sometimes spooky references (e.g., the disembodied, knife-wielding hand in "The Last Supper") to the artist's heretical convictions about Christ. Much evidence is presented to support the view that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and that the latter's flight to France with Christ's child is the real basis of the Holy Grail legend. Exciting, persuasive stuff, shrouded in mystery and possible conspiracies. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
The Da Vinci Code is a modern-day publishing phenomenon. With many millions of copies in print, it is the most popular adult novel of the 21st Century. Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown tells us that "all descriptions of documents and secret rituals ... are accurate." But are they? Many scholars and theologians have attacked the book and the "facts" on which it is based. Some claim that Brown is anti-Catholic. Book clubs, reading groups, dedicated web sites and countless reviews and articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide have fueled the fire, making The Da Vinci Code not only the most successful book of its kind ever, but also the most controversial.

System Requirements:

Running Time 180 Min

**Ecology of the Galapagos DVD

**Galapagos 2007 DVD ~ Tilda Swinton

While its title may be superfluous, Galapagos: The Islands That Changed the World is a beautifully filmed journey into "the islands of the tortoise." Located due west of Ecuador, the Galapagos islands are full of gorgeous scenery and exotic wildlife. And this 150-minute documentary shows it all, thanks to stunning cinematography shot from all viewpoints--the air, sea and, of course, land. The collection is both soothing and exhilarating as it allows viewers to peek in on mating albatrosses (which are monogamous), penguins fishing, and surprisingly graceful giant tortoises swimming in the ocean. The filmmakers also manage to capture a ferocious volcanic eruption that is amazing in its clarity. The problem with many documentaries lies in the narration. A documentary filmmaker hits the jackpot when he is able to get someone like Sigourney Weaver, whose crisp narration fits in beautifully with the sweeping footage in Planet Earth. While Tilda Swanton lends a relaxing quality to Galapagos, her voice at times is a bit too lulling to hold the viewer's interest. The writing also borders on melodramatic, with talk of the simmering sea and such. With visuals as stunning as this, hyperbole is unnecessary. Charles Darwin has described the Galapagos as a world within itself, and it is said that the islands were one of his inspirations for his book The Origin of Species. While the film doesn't clearly explain why the Galapagos are unlike any other place on earth, it does showcase a destination that is unlike what most of us know. --Jae-Ha Kim

Product Description
The inspiration for Darwin's theory of evolution, the Galapagos Islands are a living laboratory, a geological conveyor belt that has given birth to and seen the death of many species of plants and animals. As the western islands rise up from the sea offering a chance of life, the eastern islands sink back beneath the waves guaranteeing only death. Between the two are the middle islands; fertile, lush land in its prime that contains an incredible diversity of life. Nowhere else on the Earth are the twin processes of creation and extinction of species so starkly apparent... see it all unfold before your eyes in this stunning series filmed entirely in high definition from the BBC and the National Geographic Channel.

**Genius - Charles Darwin DVD ~ Charles Darwin

Featuring specially-commissioned footage shot at Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, this fascinating DVD tells the story of an extraordinary man who re-shaped scientific thinking and left the world an invaluable legacy. The program explores Darwin’s personal life, looks at the impact of his work in his own time and on the modern world, and shows how both his life and work were profoundly influenced by his surroundings. DVD features include • All-new footage shot at Down House • Superb animation and graphics • Historic photographs and images • Expert commentary and analyses.

**Human Body - Anatomy Overview DVD ~ Alfred Ricks Jr.; M.D. ; Alfred...

**Journey of Man

How did the human race populate the world? A group of geneticists have worked on the question for a decade, arriving at a startling conclusion: the "global family tree" can be traced to one African man who lived 60,000 years ago. Dr. Spencer Wells hosts this innovative series, featuring commentary by expert scientists, historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists.

**Matter of Heart: The Extraordinary Journey of C.G. Jung

Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss doctor and psychoanalyst is without a doubt one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century. While his influence may not be easily discerned by the populace at large, his ideas and concepts have become pervasive nonetheless. He is the man who gave us such concepts as: synchronicity, archetypes and the collective unconscious.

The genius of the man was not that he came up with anything new, in fact exactly the opposite is true. He examined the intuitive knowledge of antiquity and the few 'primitive' cultures that still practiced the 'old ways' and simply translated that knowledge into modern day terminology. In other words, he brought ancient occult concepts and beliefs into the modern world. Thanks to the advent of 'Jungian Psychology' the interior landscape of dreams and visions once again became valid, acceptable fields of study after centuries of ridicule and disbelief.

It's unfortunate that we don't have film of Jung earlier in life. What is presented in this documentary is primarily interviews with those who knew or worked with Jung and those individuals interviewed such as Marie-Louise Von Franz, Laurens Van Der Post and Aniela Jaffe are quite old as they search their memories to give us a glimpse into the persona of the great psychoanalysist.

Be that as it may, this is a wonderful DVD and a must for those devotees of Carl Jung. There is a great deal of insight into the person of Jung provided by those who knew and loved him the most. When you listen to these interviews notice the numerous accounts that attest to uncanny insight or foreknowledge exhibited by the mysterious Dr. Jung. Something more was going on than just insight. There is also footage of a wonderful interview with him late in life that allows you to experience the man firsthand. That alone makes this DVD documentary a worthwhile purchase.

**National Geographic: The Nature Collection DVD ~ National Geographic

**NOVA - Cracking the Code of Life

The work of geneticists who have labored for years to map human DNA is the subject of this offbeat yet highly informative documentary from the PBS series Nova. Host Robert Krulwich, a correspondent for ABC Nightline, visits with scientists who explain, in terms understandable to laymen, the enormous challenges faced and overcome by scientists working on the Human Genome Project. The value of the research effort is underscored with visits to families affected by inherited diseases that could someday be eradicated, and even legal matters such as research patents and potential privacy issues are also covered intelligently. The race between government researchers and private biotech firms is detailed, and at appropriate times host Krulwich is able to inject some good-natured humor into this excellent documentary. --Robert J. McNamara

Product Description
Does it amaze you that yeast is your very close relative? That you possess roughly the same number of genes as a mouse? That you are 99.9% genetically identical to every other human? ABC Nightline correspondent Robert Krulwich lends a lighthearted touch to genetic science in this provocative two-hour NOVA special that takes you inside the amazing, complex and contentious race to decode the human genome.

The Human Genome Project was born in 1990, when an international consortium of labs set out to sequence all 3 billion letters of our DNA, predicting they’d finish by 2005. Halfway through their schedule, controversial scientist and entrepreneur J. Craig Venter threw the genome world into turmoil, when he announced his for-profit company Celera could finish the job in just two years. Francis Collins, leader of the publicly-funded effort, and MIT’s Eric Lander were among the scientists who answered Venter’s challenge. The result made history and laid the foundation for a remarkable future.

Armed with this powerful information, medical pioneers are in the midst of astonishing breakthroughs that will change medicine as we know it. Will you get cancer, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s? The answer lies in your genetic code—but the question is: Do you want to know? And will these new discoveries eventually lead to cures?

**NOVA - Galileo's Battle for the Heavens DVD ~ Simon Callow

Product Description
At a time when heretics were burned alive for dissent, scientist Galileo Galilei risked his life to advance his revolutionary concepts of the universe. British actor Simon Callow (Shakespeare in Love, Four Weddings and a Funeral) brings Galileo to life, humanizing the great thinker’s passion, intelligence, and arrogance while depicting his frustrations with fellow philosophers and scientists, and with Roman Catholic church leaders.

Based on Dava Sobel’s best-selling biography Galileo’s Daughter, this two-hour film offers a vivid re-imagining of Galileo’s incredible achievements that forever changed the way we view our place in the universe. It also investigates the momentous personal and spiritual conflicts Galileo faced- most especially in defending the controversial theory that the earth revolves around the sun.

Join noted Galileo authorities and experience the remarkable life behind the discoveries, and see letters from his illegitimate daughter, Maria Celeste, a cloistered nun, have shed new light on Galileo’s pioneering telescopic observations, his fateful Inquisition trial for heresy, and life in the seventeenth century.

**NOVA - Origins

Origins is a spectacular four-part miniseries, first presented on PBS's Nova, about the beginnings of the universe, our solar system, life on Earth, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life on other planets. It is not a stretch to say that Origins, among all television documentaries about the evolving cosmos, offers the most breathtaking dramatic visual representation of Earth's tumultuous history, and the clearest, step-by-step explanation of the formation of planets, the development of water and living organisms, and the forces that shape other parts of our galaxy and beyond.

Hosted by the engaging Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, Origins consists of four one-hour episodes. The first focuses on the initial billion years of Earth history, research into the emergence of water (which appeared surprisingly early, as it turns out, and could have been delivered by comets) and the birth of the moon. The second show concerns hardy, single-cell organisms on Earth developing, in some quite inhospitable places, into complex life forms, while the third covers the Big Bang and the final installment looks at theories involving extraterrestrial life. If the topics sound familiar, their presentation is always fresh, dynamic, and thoroughly accessible. Watching Origins would be a great, context-providing preface to the study of a number of niche subjects, including geology, physics, biology, and much else. An invaluable production. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
Has the universe always existed? How did it become a place that could harbor life? Are we alone, or are there alien worlds waiting to be discovered? NOVA presents some startling new answers in Origins, a groundbreaking four-part NOVA miniseries. New clues from the frontiers of science are presented by dynamic astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. As the host of Origins, Tyson leads viewers on a cosmic journey to the beginning of time and to the depths of space, in search of the first stirrings of life and its traces on other worlds. The series' first hour, Origins: Earth is Born, gives viewers a spectacular glimpse of the tumultuous first billion years of Earth — a time of continuous catastrophe. Episode two, Origins: How Life Began, zeroes in on the mystery of exactly how it happened. Join the hunt for hardy microbes that flourish in the most unlikely places: inside rocks in a mine shaft two miles down, inside a cave dripping with acid as strong as a car battery's, and in noxious gas bubbles erupting from the Pacific Ocean’s floor. The survival of these tough microorganisms suggests they may be related to the planet's first primitive life forms. Hour three starts with a bang — the Big Bang in which everything began. Origins: Back to the Beginning explores how the colossal, mind-boggling forces of the early universe made it possible for habitable worlds to emerge. In episode four, Origins: Where are the Aliens?, Tyson explores such provocative questions as: Would "E.T.s" resemble "us" or the creatures of science fiction? And are there planets on which life can flourish rare or common in our universe? Special DVD features include: materials and activities for educators; a link to the NOVA Web site; scene selections; closed captions; and described video for the visually impaired. (Final features TBD) On two discs (disc size TBD). Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format: Letterboxed.

**The Complete Walking with... Collection DVD ~ Stockard Channing

Finally all three programs from the Emmy Award- winning Walking With...series -- Walking with Dinosaurs, Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs Specialand Walking with Prehistoric Beasts-- are available for the first time as a collector's set on DVD and VHS. The epic begins with a journey back 65 million years ago to a virtual lost world which has been recreated with spectacular digital effects and animatronics. The series continues as we follow the life and death struggles of 'Big Al,' the most complete allosaurus skeleton ever found. And finally, we explore our planet after the reign of the dinosaur and the succession of extraordinary creatures that came and went over the following millennia. The end of the dinosaur was only the beginning!

Walking with Monsters - Life Before Dinosaurs DVD ~ Kenneth Branagh

Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking With Prehistoric Beasts DVD ~ Stockard Channing

**The First Human by Ann Gibbons

In The First Human, Gibbons provides the first popular account of these intriguing discoveries and of rivalry and collaboration among the discoverers. An engrossing, fast-paced read, her story unfolds in many remote and rugged locales, from the Middle Awash of Ethiopia to the Tugen Hills of Kenya and the Djurab Desert of Chad. Gibbons tells of hard-driven, dedicated teams contending with extreme heat, blowing sand, illness and other hazards of fieldwork in Africa, where success demands years, or decades, of persistence. After all, hominids may not have been common creatures in their day, and only fortuitous circumstances of gentle, rapid burial in suitable sediments kept a carcass from being a carnivore’s meal, allowing it perchance to fossilize. Gibbons seems as interested—if not more so—in personalities and politics as in the identities and significance of her protagonists’ fossils. She is not the first to recognize that conflict as well as camaraderie accompanies the quest for human origins, and the scientists she portrays do possess the stuff of dramatic characters. There is the meticulous, mercurial paleontologist Tim White, co-leader of an international team with an unparalleled track record of spectacular discoveries, from the oldest modern human skull to one of the oldest human ancestors. And zoologist Meave Leakey, who has stepped out from the shadow of the most famous surname in human origins research to make singular contributions of her own. And Michel Brunet, a French expert on ancient hoofed mammals, inspired by Charles Darwin and Louis Leakey to pursue hominids. Brunet bucked the odds by not looking for fossils in the celebrated cradle of humankind, East Africa’s Rift Valley. He went to Chad, which hinted at its human fossil potential as early as 1961. Another hominid would not come to light there until 1995, but Brunet’s team found that australopithecine jawbone and then explored much older sites. In 2001 a Chadian student on Brunet’steam unearthed the cranium nicknamed "Toumaï." Formally named Sahelan-thropus tchadensis, it is currently the oldest known hominid skull and pushes the emergence of our evolutionary line as far back as seven million years ago—as Gibbons writes, "so ancient that Brunet said that Toumaï could ‘touch with its finger’ the last ancestor shared by humans and chimpanzees."

Blake Edgar is a science editor and writer. He is co-author of From Lucy to Language, forthcoming in a revised edition from Simon & Schuster, and of The Dawn of Human Culture (John Wiley & Sons, 2002). --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Booklist
A writer for Science magazine, Gibbons explains what paleoanthropologists have been doing over the past 15 years: competing, feuding, and making dramatic discoveries. Anchoring her narrative to the anatomy that is the foundation of physical anthropology, Gibbons intentionally emphasizes the personalities involved. Leakeyesque fame is one unspoken prize in field research on human origins, and several scientists acknowledge here their youthful inspiration by Louis and Mary Leakey's careers. One was Don Johanson, celebrated for the "Lucy" fossil discovered in 1974 that reigned temporarily as the oldest human ancestor. From the state of scientific affairs at that time, Gibbons' narrative drives forward the hunt since 1990 for a hominid ancestral to Lucy. Amid the particulars of newly excavated fossils, which include a spectacular skull from Chad that provisionally is the oldest human progenitor at six or seven million years old, Gibbons pointedly dramatizes the field's territorial attitudes toward fossils. Science in the flesh is ever popular, and Gibbons' successful debut marks her as a writer to watch. Gilbert Taylor

**The Living Planet - A Portrait of the Earth DVD ~ Living Planet

Originally broadcast in 1984, The Living Planet followed five years after David Attenborough's first wildlife blockbuster series, Life on Earth. This was an equally ambitious 12-part documentary that spanned the globe with portraits of each of the major geographical regions that offer a home to life. Attenborough demonstrates how even in the most hostile of environments, from the volcanic "Furnaces of the Earth" to "The Frozen World" of mountains and tundra, the Arctic and Antarctic, live maintains a foothold. He takes us to "The Northern Forests," the "Jungle," "Seas of Grass," and "The Baking Deserts" and, ever the genial host, details how, in all its endless diversity, life is ingeniously suited to its surroundings.

Through breathtaking imagery we meet our fellow inhabitants, from penguins to polar bears, lions to scorpions, oaks to eagles, and journey on to "The Open Ocean" and the "New Worlds," which mankind itself is rapidly fashioning through ever more radical technological change. The series ends with an impassioned environmental plea that rings even more urgent now than in 1984. --Gary S. Dalkin

Product Description
This 4 DVD Box Set contains 12 programs hosted by anthropologist David Attenborough . New Worlds: As the planet spins, shifts, erupts, melts, and freezes, it forces its inhabitants to accept this truth: A life-form either changes its ways or it passes away.; The Frozen World: They shouldn’t support life, the coldest, most desolate reaches of the earth.; The Margins of the Land: The Earth seems to have saved (reserved) some of its most remarkable displays of life for that special place where the land meets the sea.; Jungle: It spans the globe - an immense, green, equatorial belt called the jungle.; Sweet Fresh Water: As fresh water makes its mad, headlong plunge from the mountains to the salty oceans, it actually seems to "age."; The Northern Forests: Anthropologist David Attenborough's probing cameras and fresh insights make the woodlands a wonderland of fascinating extremes.; The Building of the Earth: From the icy summits of the Himalayas to the lush Tropics, anthropologist David Attenborough's view is awesome.; Worlds Apart: In a stirring piece of filmmaking, anthropologist David Attenborough takes you to out-of-the-way places that are, in every sense of the phrase, out of this world.; Seas of Grass: Where it grows, there is life.; The Open Ocean: Water covers two-thirds of the Earth, but the immense, tantalizing world beneath the sea remains one of the planet's great mysteries.; The Sky Above: If the atmosphere that surrounds the Earth can be called an envelope, then anthropologist David Attenborough delivers it in a first-class and awe-inspiring way.; The Baking Deserts: Scorching days, frigid nights. The desert should be the most relentlessly hostile place for life on the planet.

**Unlocking DaVinci's Code DVD ~ Patrick Macnee

Centuries of conspiracy unmasked in this documentary! Discover the hidden meaning inside the greatest art in history as host Patrick MacNee reveals the secrets to the strange riddles and clues within the masterpieces of Leonardo DaVinci. Revealed for the first time ever on DVD, the controversial link between Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and Leonardo DaVinci. Explore the secret society that includes DaVinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli and Victor Hugo. Unlocking DaVinci’s Code reveals the greatest mysteries of our time and the greatest secrets of our past.

**Young Dr. Freud: A Film By Axel Corti

it depicts Freud's early professional work. Th emovie shows Freud's struggles to establish himself and to deal with psychological patients and theories. The movie shows the impact Charcot had on Freud.

*Attenborough in Paradise and Other Persona... DVD ~ David Attenborough

The only thing more wonderful than David Attenborough's life as a naturalist is his peerless ability to share his enthusiasms with the rest of the world. As a priceless yet reasonably priced compilation of Attenborough's "personal best" culled from decades of BBC television, Attenborough in Paradise is a perfect companion set to the immensely popular 2007 series Planet Earth. It combines seven of Attenborough's most engaging hour-long programs to convey the sense of wonder and amazement that has made Attenborough one of the most beloved figures in the history of broadcasting.

The two-disc set places understandable emphasis on more recent (and therefore more technically impressive) programs, beginning on disc 1 with "Attenborough in Paradise," a 1996 segment of The Natural World series, in which Attenborough travels into the deep jungles of New Guinea to witness the magnificent birds of paradise. The sights and sounds of these glorious creatures is something few people can experience in the wild, so this program should be considered a treasure of exceptional wildlife filmmaking. In the equally extraordinary 1971 program "A Blank on the Map," Attenborough and his tenacious film crew travel on foot, with Australian cartographer/explorer Laurie Bragg, into an unmapped mountain region of central New Guinea, culminating in an astonishing encounter with Biami villagers who had never before interacted with white explorers from the civilized world. (Attenborough's philosophy regarding the delicacy of such encounters should be considered an essential lesson for all humankind.) In the 2000 program "The Lost Gods of Easter Island," Attenborough explores the history of a strange, elongated wooden figure he purchased at auction some 10 years earlier. His curiosity takes him (and us) backwards in time to the 18th-century exploration of Easter Island, where an understanding of ancient Polynesian beliefs reveals the identity, purpose, and symbolic significance of the carved artifact that prompted Attenborough's inquisitive adventure.

Disc 2 begins with a 2000 segment of the Natural World series titled "Bowerbirds: The Art of Seduction," and it's one of the most entertaining programs of Attenborough's career. In the Australian rain forests and the jungles of New Guinea, Attenborough studies the entire family of Bowerbirds, whose remarkably meticulous sculptures, structures, and decorations represent the only example in nature (outside of humankind) of creatures that attract mates through the creation of beautiful works of art. In "The Song of the Earth" (also from 2000), Attenborough investigates the history and purpose of musical communication in the natural world, studying humpback whale song, bird song, and human singing in an effort to demonstrate how man-made music is quite likely to be rooted in evolutionary behaviors of survival, territorial defense and sexual attraction. In the 2002 special "Life on Air," Monty Python alumnus Michael Palin hosts a wonderful tribute to Attenborough's career as a naturalist and BBC programming director responsible for much of the BBC's finest TV productions, including the seminal series Civilization and The Ascent of Man. Full of humor and adventure, this memorable hour will surely stand as the best-ever appreciation of Attenborough's life and work, with a veritable treasure of interviews and archival film clips, frequently poking good-natured fun at Attenborough's oft-imitated style of on-screen presentation.

Finally, in "The Amber Time Machine" (a 1994 segment of The Natural World), Attenborough uses another personal artifact--a piece of ancient amber given to him by a young girl at the age of 12--to inspire an in-depth study of amber's unique preservation, in exacting detail, of insects, tree-leaves, and even lizards from tens of millions of years in the prehistoric past. The tantalizing fiction of Jurassic Park is summarily debunked by scientific experts (conclusion: ancient DNA from amber is too fragmented to re-create any extinct species through genetic engineering), but the exploratory potential of amber remains, as Attenborough characteristically engages his own curiosity to turn his treasured heirloom into a tiny world of surprising revelations. Through all seven of these marvelous programs, it's easy to see why Attenborough has retained his childlike sense of wonder: His delight in the natural world is quite literally the life force that keeps him going where few have ever been, sharing the wide, wonderful world he sees with the infectious enthusiasm of someone for whom every day brings a new opportunity for exploration or adventure, no matter how modest or grand. --Jeff Shannon

Product Description
A collection of seven David Attenborough specials, Attenborough in Paradise represents some of the famed naturalist's most personal quests and passionate enthusiasms. Programming includes Attenborough tracing a piece of amber in The Amber Time Machine , discovering the history behind a strange figurine in The Lost Gods of Easter Island, and realizing a childhood dream by visiting New Guinea to record the spectacular courtship displays of the birds of paradise. The set also includes Life on Air, a 2002 tribute to Attenborough, chronicling the world-renowned natural history expert's 50-year career at the BBC, presented by Michael Palin

*BBC Atlas of the Natural World - Western Hemisphere and Anarctica (Land of the Eagle / Spirits of the Jaguar / Wild South America / Life in the Freezer)

This staggeringly beautiful collection of four BBC series about the natural (and often social) history of the Americas and Antarctica is something to behold. Rich in endless detail yet satisfying as an integrated vision of continental eco-systems, BBC Atlas of the Natural World makes our planet look like a miraculous place indeed, with an astonishing diversity of wildlife and habitats. The story of human migration across Western lands figures into several of this box set's 18 hours of viewing, providing a subjective view of the environments which people explored and settled over many thousands of years.

Central America is the subject of the four-part "Spirits of the Jaguar," which begins with Mayan creation myths about a battle between gods leading to the formation of the Earth. In fact, islands of the Caribbean were forged by volcanoes 150 million years ago, with plant and animal life following some 70 million years later. Typical of BBC Atlas of the Natural World is the extraordinary photography in this program: frogs and insects suddenly caught in flowing tree sap, crocodiles leaping to pull prey from trees. The story of the Mayans—farmers, astronomers, inventors—moving from the deserts of Mexico down to the jungles of Central America, their lives sustained by slash-and-burn agriculture and good nutrition, is told. So is the tale of the lost civilization of the Aztecs, wanderers for ten generations, viewing themselves as a chosen people, extinguishers of other peoples in Mexico and ultimately destroyed themselves by Spanish conquistadors.

"Land of the Eagle" is a four-part, eye-opening history of North America’s transition from home to 10.000 years of native peoples to carved-up European territories eventually devoid of many natural wonders (including buffalo and massive forests). This melancholy story of paradise exploited is offset by remarkable cinematography of wolves, grizzlies, snakes, beavers and birds, while "Wild South America," with its own quartet of episodes, is equally dazzling in its nature photography. South America looks like a magical place of dramatic beauty in this series, a continent once joined to Australia (the two lands share an abundance of marsupials) and home to the world's largest mountain chain and a river (the Amazon) that carries one-fifth of Earth's water. The incredible sights of the Andes and Patagonia (the latter so near Antarctica) are almost indescribable. Speaking of the bottom of the world, "Life In the Freezer," in six epsiodes, is one of the BBC's most splendid productions, a tour of Antarctica hosted by Davd Attenborough that is far more compelling than March of the Penguins. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
The first release in BBC Video's ambitious Atlas of the Natural World series presents an in-depth look at the Western Hemisphere and Antarctica. This six-disc set brings together four landmark BBC series that combine to give one of the most comprehensive portraits of the Americas and Antarctica ever assembled. In over 18 hours of programming viewers will explore the vast richness of the land, wildlife and peoples of North America (Land of the Eagle), Central America (Spirits of the Jaguar) South America (Wild South America) and Antarctica (Life in the Freezer).

*BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa/Europe DVD ~ BBC Atlas of the Natural World

From the BBC's internationally renowned, award winning Natural History unit comes the second release in this extraordinarily ambitious undertaking. BBC Atlas of the Natural World is a unique survey of life on Earth in all its remarkable richness and beauty. This six-disc set brings together four landmark BBC series that combine to give one of the most comprehensive portraits of Africa (Wild Africa and Congo), the Mediterranean (The First Eden) and Europe (Europe: A Natural History) ever assembled. In over 12 hours of programming reaching back over three billion years, viewers will examine the birth of these vast continents from the dawn of time and examine how the rise of human civilization has forever changed the landscape.

*BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Wild Africa

Part of BBC's Atlas of the Natural World, this six-part series presents a vivid portrait of the continent of Africa, teeming with a vast assortment of wildlife and extraordinary natural wonders. Seen from space, Africa is a rich mosaic, textured by burning sands, seas of grass and steaming forests, scarred by mountains and bejeweled with great lakes and rivers. Raw and beautiful, the ancient continent is alive with the greatest collection of wildlife on Earth. This mesmerizing series examines each of Africa's stunning natural realms in turn, revealing little-known facts and showing how humans and creatures co-exist within this vast area.

*BBC典藏系列~BBC典藏 - 恐懼症大家談 DVD~正版新品開發票

BBC典藏 - 恐懼症大家談 DVD




  恐懼是我們自我防衛的機制之一,若是被老虎攻擊,恐懼會刺激體內腎上腺素分泌,激發你逃跑或奮勇抵抗的潛能。但是十個人之中就有一個人苦於恐懼症。在一般 人眼中完全無害的物品或動物都會讓他們陷入極度的恐懼之中。重度恐懼症患者常常因此而失去了過正常生活的權利。本節目利用先進的核磁掃瞄、身體造影、腦波 測量及感熱攝影,研究人體在承受極大壓力時的改變。我們利用慢速攝影呈現人體在恐懼時發生的生理變化,及利用核磁掃瞄來看看恐懼對腦部的影響。本節目也觀 察了恐懼症患者接受治療的情況,懼高症的崔佛自願登上科隆大教堂的頂端,結果讓他苦不堪言。丹尼的母親為他報名參加行為矯正課程,讓他循序漸進的接受那些 嚇得他魂不附體的動物。而賈桂琳希望透過催眠治療找出她恐懼的根源。

*BBC典藏系列~BBC典藏 - 消逝的生物 DVD~正版新品開發票

BBC典藏 - 消逝的生物 DVD




  這所有的疑問都能從化石的研究中獲得解答。化石研究專家大衛爾登伯夫,在全世界最著名且代表史前時代之化石發源地,從唯一的線索---化石中發現史前生物 們的生活形態,包括恐龍如何獵食、過群體生活及孕育下一代,更有奇異的迷你馬和半鳥半蜥蜴的生物,這些事蹟都將呈現在您眼前。


*BBC典藏系列~BBC典藏 - 群體大自然 DVD~正版新品開發票

BBC典藏 - 群體大自然 DVD




  揭開世上最壯觀浩瀚的野生動物群體奇觀世界各地的掠食者跟獵物之間,始終存在著致命的衝擊,影響上百萬隻動物的生存。本節目運用逼真的3D畫面與新穎的立 體攝影技術,隨著傾巢而出的動物大軍一起身歷其境,觀賞這場掠食者與獵物之間的生死大戲。深海爭霸 幾百萬隻沙丁魚沿著非洲海岸遷徙,準備與飢餓的海豚、鯊魚、海豹以及海鳥發生正面衝突。危機四伏 一百萬隻紅鸛飛往東非柏哥利亞湖,準備繁殖與進食,不過卻要面對來自四面八方的危險。死亡渡河 在塞倫蓋蒂草原上,牛羚為了尋找新鮮的草地,進行地球上最浩大的陸地動物遷徙。瀑布求生 每年,三億隻鮭魚返回出生地,來到阿拉斯加的河流,但沒想到卻是自投羅網。極地覓食 南極洲有可怕的苦難正等著幾千隻阿德利企鵝,當小企鵝離開群落,邁向在大海的成年生活時,掠食者豹斑海豹卻在海邊蠢蠢欲動。深洞出擊 每年,四千萬隻蝙蝠從佛羅里達的洞穴傾巢而出,其中半數為搖搖欲墜、第一次飛行的蝙蝠寶寶,直奔胃口驚人的蛇與老鷹的魔掌裡。

*From Conception to Birth DVD ~ Jonathan Grupper

*National Geographic - In the Womb DVD

*National Geographic: In the Womb - Animals DVD ~ National Geographic

*National Geographic: In the Womb - Multiples DVD ~ National Geographic

*NOVA - Life's Greatest Miracle DVD ~ John Lithgow

*NOVA - The Miracle of Life DVD ~ David Ogden Stiers

*NOVA - The Unknown World DVD ~ David Ogden Stiers

*BBC典藏系列~地球科學系列(套裝) DVD~正版新品開發票

地球科學系列(套裝) DVD


套裝內容:地球形成的故事 / 萬象風雲 / 地球水之旅 / 大地的聲音

 放眼望去,地球上到處充滿 令人迷惑之處:從活躍的火山到無底的深淵、全球溫室效應、物種的滅絕、海平面的上升以及各式極端氣候的現象,讓人不禁思考我們所居住的行星充滿不可思議的 力量,以及一些我們所不能理解的種種自然現象!由BBC英國廣播公司精心製作的地球科學系列影片,包括解開地球形成之謎的【地球形成的故事】,追隨一滴小 水珠的奇幻旅程【地球水之旅】,挑戰地球上最狂野氣候力量的【萬象風雲】,以及深入探討地球自然生態危機的【大地的聲音】,將讓您對地球有更深刻的體驗和 瞭解。







大衛艾汀堡祿爵士 主述英國國家廣播公司耗資十億拍攝帶您重新一窺所不知道的地球深處。


 帶您深入體驗 您所熟悉卻又陌生的地球我們每隔幾年都會看到一套精采絕倫的影集,使其他節目相形見拙。這套大製作影集的每一秒鐘都令人賞心悅目...很不可思議...” 每日鏡報影評。本影集由得過多項大獎的「藍色星球」原班人馬拍攝製作,是對地球空前絕後的禮讚,擁抱地球上的不可思議的美景和自然生物。【地球脈動】對地 球生物多元性,做了一次權威性的觀察。以空前絕後的大預算拍攝和製作四年【地球脈動】,擴展了自然史電視的領域。動用高畫質攝影,革命性的超高速攝影機, 以及細膩的空中和衛星畫面,使我們這個影集能夠捕捉到神奇的畫面。這一套驚人的電視經驗結合罕見的動作,無法想像的規模,極難到達的地點還有地球上最可 愛,最野蠻,最難得一見的親密時刻。從最高的山到最深的河,這套暢銷影集要帶你看四季變化的挑戰,還要到環境最惡劣的棲息地看一些動物每天如何掙扎求生。 準備讚嘆地球的美麗吧。棒得超過你的要求...從水底的海象,鳥類堆積如山到雪豹的攻擊模式所不用...終極品味...”衛視影評。



*BBC典藏系列~動物小百科1-4合輯 DVD~正版新品開發票

動物小百科1-4合輯 DVD




*BBC典藏系列~動物小百科5 馴鹿/鬛蜥蜴 DVD~正版新品開發票

動物小百科5 馴鹿/鬛蜥蜴 DVD


動物小百科為您介紹小朋友最喜愛的動物長頸鹿,大象,大猩猩,獅子,鯊魚,犀牛,老虎,海豚,北極熊,黑猩猩,袋鼠,河馬跟海豹各式各樣的動物應有盡有!但這絕對跟一般的野生動物節目不同,因為每一集都是一段探索之路,動物將接受長期且持續的觀察,因而發現關於這些動物日常生活中 令人驚奇的事實,以及圍繞在牠們周邊的動物包括了朋友以及敵人。



*BBC典藏系列~動物小百科6 DVD ~正版新品開發票

預購動物小百科6 DVD - 上市日期:2007/5/18



澳洲野犬是一種野狗,可能源自印度狼, 雖然叫做澳洲野犬但是並不限於澳洲也不是起源於此。


*BBC典藏系列~動物小百科7DVD ~正版新品開發票

預購動物小百科7DVD - 上市日期:2007/6/22


 水豚是全世界體型最大的齧齒動物,有著含油的皮毛,牙齒像兔子,叫聲像狗吠。小水豚卡拉 每天都忙著吃草跟游泳,成年水豚最多可以在水面下待上五分鐘。不幸的是水中潛伏著致命的凱門鱷。我們跟著迷路的卡拉在森林中徘徊,著急的找路跟家人團聚。 黑猩猩天性有趣好奇,五個月大的查理喜歡嘻鬧,讓牠們位於東非的家族生活充滿了樂趣,牠每天都學會了新的把戲,像是製造工具砸破核果或是釣白蟻。牠必須學 會獵食,瞭解哪些鄰居可以親近-比如說小狒狒,還有哪些鄰居得躲得遠遠的,像是凶猛的花豹。

*BBC典藏系列~與古生物共舞全系列典藏版 DVD~正版新品開發票

與古生物共舞全系列典藏版 DVD


古生物共舞全系列典藏版 : 與恐龍共舞 / 與野獸共舞 / 與遠古人共舞...

 您可曾見過壯觀的史前落日餘 輝?或者是年輕氣盛的三觭龍為了爭奪異性青睞而大打出手?一隻新生的雌梁龍在僥倖逃過異特龍的追殺後,如何肩負起傳宗接代的重任?您又可曾見過由劍齒虎和 長毛象稱霸的史前大地?看人類始祖如何經由不斷地適應演化,成為地球的統治者!BBC英國廣播公司推出的古生物全系列典藏版,由榮獲多項大獎肯定的製作 群,結合最新的科學發現、先進的電腦繪圖,以及精彩的自然歷史故事,完整模擬出始祖猛獸和恐龍的真實面貌,創造出一個逼真的史前古生物世界!【與恐龍共 舞】是首部深入探討恐龍歷史特集,勇奪「最佳動畫」、「最佳特技效果」、「最佳音效剪接」艾美獎以及英國演藝學院獎等十多個國際電視節目大獎,栩栩如生地 呈現恐龍橫行霸道的時代,讓觀眾有身蒞其境的感受。【與野獸共舞】來到恐龍滅絕後的世界,從地球最熱最潮濕的氣候到最冷的冰河期,透過考古學家挖掘出的猛 獸化石,以及電腦動畫模擬,解答始祖猛獸如何於詭譎多變的大地下生存。【與遠古人共舞】以深入淺出的劇情見證數百萬年前人類始祖的生活,帶您深入瞭解不可 思議的人類演化歷史,看他們如何結合各種特徵並形成強勢的本能,逐漸演化成最後征服世界的統治者。

*Beavers (Large Format) DVD ~ Earl Pennington

Originally intended for IMAX theaters, this documentary follows a family of beavers as they lay claim to a dam and build a place to live. The animals live as extended families, complete with uncles and aunts, and with their instinctive engineering skills build complex dams and apartments for themselves. What could be a mundane nature documentary, though, is made lyrical by its score, lighting, and camera work. It's a rare documentary that can be sweet but not cloying, with plenty to hold the interest of kids and adults alike. Beavers' accompanying making-of film answers some of the inevitable questions and reveals that the project was an incredibly arduous task. The film was made in the mid-1980s and involved lugging around the cumbersome IMAX camera in the wilderness, as well as weeks of waiting for the beavers to actually do something. Set against the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rockies, this is an incredible example of nature photography and a rewarding little film about our bucktoothed rodent friends and their innate construction drive. --Jerry Renshaw

Product Description
The biggest dam movie you ever saw! Have you ever danced in the moonlight, played in the shadow of great mountains, or fled before a charging bear? Have you ever been swimming in frigid waters beneath the ice or lived inside a beaver's house? Beavers (31 minutes) plunges into the rich aquatic habitat of one of nature's greatest engineers for an intimate look. Set in pristine forests and waters in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, this film follows the story of a family of beavers as they grow, play and transform the world around them. Includes a 27-minute "making of" documentary. 58 minutes.

*Beyond the Da Vinci Code (History Channel) DVD

The Da Vinci Code has raised questions about religion, art, and faith across the globe. Now, take a 2000 year journey through time with THE HISTORY CHANNEL® to examine the surprising truths and controversial ideas set forth in Dan Brown's worldwide bestseller. Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene? Have their descendents been protected by a secret society from the Dark Ages all the way up to the present? Did the Church deliberately mislead its followers for two millennia? Was the whole truth brilliantly encoded in Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpieces? Drawing on the pages of Brown's bestseller, the Bible, and commentary from esteemed scholars from around the world, Beyond The Da Vinci Code investigates these questions--and more--in a close and balanced look at the foundations of Christianity. Radical, thought provoking and utterly compelling, THE HISTORY CHANNEL®'S original presentation Beyond The Da Vinci Code is a multifaceted analysis of the issues raised in The Da Vinci Code that gives viewers the opportunity to decide the truth for themselves.

System Requirements:

Running Time 90 Min


*Birds, Birds, Birds! An Indoor Birdwatchin... DVD ~ John Feith

Most birdwatchers, myself included, already own several bird guidebooks and bird song CDs. I'll be using the DVD to test and refresh my ID skills before Spring comes around. And I like to have the no-narration slideshow section playing as background music and eye candy. The soundscape track takes you on an indoor field trip to different habitats dripping with birds (such as a marsh, forest and grassland) and is especially nice in Winter when the birds aren't around.

Product Description
The DVD can be viewed on the living room TV or on personal computers as a 70-minute bird-filled documentary. It also serves as an audio/visual reference guide-- one can use the easy-to-use menus to quickly find a particular bird (it contains 218 species found in Midwest and Eastern North America). The DVD is full of extraordinary photography, bird songs and with video footage.

Some features unique to the DVD include a collection of 18 quizzes and a section for comparing similar-sounding birds (for example, melodic, buzzy or unmusical). The narration for each bird does not occur immediately, allowing the viewer to guess what bird she is hearing and seeing. This quiz format keeps the viewer in a state of wonder and makes learning to identify birds more engaging and fun.

The focus of the narration is bird song and bird song mnemonics (such as "Who's awake? Me too" of the Great Horned Owl, or "Quick, three beers!" of the Olive-sided Flycatcher). Also, a bonus "Soundscape" track is included without narration to simulate a field trip to different habitats such as marsh, grassland and forest. This creates a very relaxing natural background which, along with the bird photos, can keep bird-watchers of any level, kids, babies, and pets (especially cats) enthralled for hours.

*Butterflies DVD ~ Butterflies

The standard definition widescreen format shows a view of butterflies and moths that rivals even close encounters in nature. The DVD plays on standard TV's and DVD players.
The special HD feature allows viewers with a PC or Macintosh computer to experience Butterflies in high definition. The video quality is incredible. Better than most HD broadcasts. The close ups of the butterflies are eye popping showing fine detail and vibrant colors.

Product Description
Butterflies presents an informative, educational and visually stunning look at our favorite winged creatures. Filmed entirely in High Definition for outstanding picture quality and presented in widescreen format.
Narrated by award winning host Ted O'Brien (NOVA, PBS). Expert commentary covers all stages of these magnificent creatures lifestages. Great for all ages and audiences.

Special Feature included. A High Definition version (720p) of the program is included as a Windows Media HD file on the DVD. Viewers can play a HD version of the program on a properly equipped Windows or Macintosh computer.

*Chased By Dinosaurs DVD ~ Nigel Marven

What do you get when you cross the Crocodile Hunter with the Jurassic Park trilogy? You get Chased by Dinosaurs, an awesomely entertaining BBC follow-up to the phenomenally successful Walking with Dinosaurs programs. Hosted by zoologist-adventurer Nigel Marven, this compilation of playfully exciting 30-minute programs is a time traveler's dream come true, presenting a feast of impressive prehistoric scenery as if it were readily accessible to any present-day camera crew. It's digital fakery at its finest, and Marven's infectious enthusiasm combines up-to-date research with wide-eyed intensity as he introduces us to a wide-ranging menagerie of long-extinct species, thriving in their native habitats and raging from 75 to 450 million years B.C. "Land of Giants" leaps back to the early Cretaceous period (100 million B.C.) to what is now Argentina, where Marven and his intrepid crew find Argentinosaurus, at over 100 feet long the largest dinosaur ever. Other marvels abound, including an Ultralight flight among a flock of Pteranodons, with wingspans up to 40 feet! "The Giant Claw" is a search for Therizinosaurus, an amazing herbivore (Mongolia, 75 million B.C.) with enormous 28-inch claws on 10-foot arms. The three-part "Sea Monsters" spans seven epochs to survey some of the most bizarre and terrifying creatures that ever swam the oceans, including sea scorpions, a multi-tentacled Giant Orthocone, and Megalodon, the ancient relative to Great White Sharks. And that's just a sampling: Many other amazing creatures are included among Marven's close encounters.

With each successive effort, the digital wizards at Framestore CFC (Europe's largest computer-animation company) rise to new heights of photorealism, interactive lighting effects, and biological authenticity. And while Marven's a fair educator and a robust adventurer, more science-minded viewers will appreciate the 50-minute bonus program "The Science of Giants," centering on the behavior of massive dinosaurs and the efforts of renowneds paleontologist Philip Currie to prove that "megacarnivores"--once thought to roam alone--actually hunted in packs. This is really amazing stuff, and the helpful "Fact Files" provide detailed profiles of every dinosaur and sea creature featured in these memorable programs. --Jeff Shannon

Product Description
You'll be on the edge of your seat when the creators of the groundbreaking Walking With... series send zoologist Nigel Marvin back in time to track down the owner of the Giant Claw. But as soon as his mission is accomplished, it's on to prehistoric South America, in Land of Giants, where Nigel witnesses the battle between history's largest predator and its even more gigantic prey. Finally, in Chased by Sea Monsters, our intrepid explorer dives into the world's most dangerous depths. In seven different seas in seven different eras, Nigel meets scary sea scorpions, terrifying giant squid, massive armored fish, and the vicious sixty-foot Mosasaur!

*Coral Reef Adventure DVD ~ Liam Neeson

Like any IMAX movie, Coral Reef Adventure is so vivid, vast, and colorful that you can't help but be astonished by its visual splendor. But this undersea exploration has a deeper, more serious agenda as well, warning its viewers that the natural magnificence of the world's most impressive coral reefs is, in most cases, a mere 30 years away from extinction due to the devastating effects of global (and oceanic) warming. Whether or not that timeframe is accurate (and there's not enough solid science presented here to prove it either way), it's tragically obvious that we are in the process of losing entire ecosystems that cannot be replaced, and when you witness these awesome coral reefs in their still-thriving vitality, you experience a sense of urgent responsibility toward our stewardship of planet Earth. By showing us the commitment and potentially life-threatening work of reef explorers and world-class undersea cinematographers Howard and Michele Hall, the film provides an all-access pass to some of the most exotic, playful, and dangerous creatures in the ocean, presented with the kind of intense, almost three-dimensional clarity that can only be achieved in the IMAX format. And while the giant-screen awesomeness of IMAX is lost in translation to DVD, Coral Reef Adventure offers the best-to-date use (on disc 2 of this two-disc set) of High Definition DVD-ROM formatting. For PC users equipped with Windows XP and Windows Media Player 9 series (or later) software, the amazing images in Coral Reef Adventure achieve an almost life-like resolution. The ultimate conclusion remains: If we don't do something to protect these delicate, endangered wonders of nature, we will lose a part of ourselves. --Jeff Shannon

*Da Vinci and the Code He Lived By DVD ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

The "code" referred to in the History Channel's Da Vinci and the Code He Lived By has nothing to do with theories about the High Renaissance master's involvement with secret societies (as explored in Dan Brown's bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code). Instead, it refers to Da Vinci's implacable work ethic, his insatiable curiosity and the talent and discipline required to keep his busy mind satisfied. Da Vinci reminds us that the great engineer, inventor, and painter was born illegitimate and was not entitled to use his father's name, let alone the latter's financial resources or reputation within Florence. A long stint as student in a respected studio earned Da Vinci his first renown during a treacherous time in Florence. He was denounced as a sodomist by an unknown enemy; fortunately, the charges were dropped. Da Vinci went on to find patronage for his art, if not for the engineering marvels and weapons designs that (few know today) so preoccupied him. This History Channel documentary explores every major chapter in Da Vinci's life, including his patronage by the bloodthirsty Cesare Borgia, his passion for studying human anatomy (and the legacy his research left to scientists), and his certainty that one day human beings would fly. As for the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, sure: Such masterpieces are discussed at length. But they're not dissected for hidden meanings. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
Renowned as the "Mind of the Renaissance," the genius of Leonardo da Vinci reaches beyond the centuries. Painter, sculptor, engineer, and scientist, in each field Leonardo da Vinci was both master and pioneer. Creator of some of the world's great artistic masterpieces, such as the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, he was also a visionary whose fantastic inventions would become reality only hundreds of years after his death. Against a backdrop of 15th century Italian opulence, DA VINCI AND THE CODE HE LIVED BY follows the original Renaissance man through glittering palaces of merchant princes, accusations of blasphemy, and whispers of betrayal and romance--all to satisfy a limitless desire for knowledge. From the producers of Islam: Empire of Faith and Barbarians, and available on DVD for the first time ever, DA VINCI AND THE CODE HE LIVED BY tells the remarkable story of one man's boundless talent, his towering legacy, and his courage in the face of powerful adversity. DVD Features: Behind-the-Scenes Featurette "History in the Making: Da Vinci"; 16:9 Widescreen Format; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection

*Deep Blue 2005 DVD ~ Pierce Brosnan

Deep Blue is a compelling BBC documentary that introduces viewers to some of earth's most mysterious ocean creatures. Three years in the filming, the breathtaking cinematography of Deep Blue (all of which originally appeared in the BBC series The Blue Planet - Seas of Life), combined with an excellent musical score and the sparse narration of Pierce Brosnan, is both awe inspiring and moving. Intimate and unique footage of sea life includes an innovative under-the-ice view of penguins propelling themselves out of the water as captured by a newly invented pole camera. Cutting-edge submarine technology allows the exploration of the deepest reaches of the sea where alien looking, jelly-like creatures flourish in a world of immense pressure and constant darkness. Perhaps the most peculiar setting is the Marianas Trench where deep mid-ocean ridges regularly erupt and spew hot water and poisonous gasses into the water while sea life inexplicably flourishes on the underwater chimneys. Rare footage of a polar bear hunting beluga whales and orca whales ravaging a sea lion and attacking a gray whale cub is graphic and disturbing, but lends a sense of a eons-old natural hierarchy. While the scarcity of narration in the main film sometimes leaves the viewer hungry for information, the 50-minute "making of" feature is packed with logistical and technical details. The segment also conveys the entire crew's firm commitment to creating a complete ocean portrait with the goal of engaging people with the creatures of the ocean. (Ages 6 and older) --Tami Horiuchi

Product Description
Following in the tracks of MARCH OF THE PENGUINS ... Perfect for nature fans and families who love live-action adventure, DEEP BLUE is an epic underwater exploration into the secret lives of sea creatures! You'll be led on a fascinating voyage through awesome aquatic realms where humans have rarely dared to go. You'll waddle with playful penguins, dart with lightning speed through schools of sharks, ride over stormy waves with massive whales, encounter families of polar bears and seals, and even see alien-like creatures so rare they have never been seen before on film! With a stirring musical score, this acclaimed movie comes from the creators of the landmark BBC series "The Blue Planet."



Science FrontiersPleasure Power



Discovery Channel帶您一同深入人類腦部運作的旅程,了解大腦如何啟動複雜的化學流量,形成快樂的力量,產生愉悅的感覺。賽車手一生以追求速度為樂;也有人在 拉斯維加斯的華燈下,找到了終極的快樂;而戀愛上癮者任由如夢似幻的情境所吞噬;甚至痛苦訓練也能成為他人製造快樂的泉源。現代科學研究顯示,快樂不只有 短期的酬賞,對於我們的健康也有長期的幫助,它不僅是一種相當有效的治癒工具,也是抵抗壓力刺激的良藥。每個人都應將快樂融入生活中,尋求適度不同的愉 悅,學習與快樂的力量共存並達平衡,我們的身體將因此而受益。



Discovery Magazine I : Hidden Worlds



Discovery Channel將與您展開一場前所未見的隱藏世界探險記。人類每天與無所不在的灰塵同住一屋簷下,科學家發現灰塵中藏著各式各樣的微生物,包括霉、黴菌與 細菌,雖然多數對人體無害,但卻讓數百萬人造成過敏反應。而在肯塔基州中部的樹林內,一群科學家鑽入地下60呎深的洞穴中,尋找早於恐龍的生命跡象,並希 望從洞窟細菌樣本中培植出抗癌藥物的原素。此外,在波士頓老舊下水道系統裡,汙水處理專家正面對水道暴漲的危機,試圖找尋解答,避免汙水倒灌與改善環境的 汙染情況。



Ultimate Athlete : Push the Limit


不論是團隊運動或是個人競賽,巔峰的狀態取決於個人對追求優越的熱情,運動員所展現出來的是,結合自然與科學的力與美!本片將帶領您一窺終極運動員 誕生與成功的經過。一個優秀的運動員除了先天的遺傳優勢外,更重要的是後天的努力與教練的指導。Discovery Channel與您分享選手們淚與血的結晶,一同進入終極運動員的世界!



Power of Dreams: Sacred Sleep



夢是全人類共有的經驗,雖然在不同的生活習性以及文化背景下,人們對夢境有著不同的解讀方式,但就精神層面來說,夢境卻有著相同的意義。例如當我們 即將面臨生命的轉變期,無論是生孩子、結婚、甚至死亡時,通常都會透過這些夢的涵義傳遞未來的訊息,協助我們了解自己生命的意義。然而,人類為何會產生這 些具有象徵意義的夢?在夢境中是否真有另一個世界的存在?Discovery Channel將從不同的宗教與文化背景中,探求真相,尋找解答。



Power of Dreams: The Search for Meaning



一名越戰退伍軍人,因為對當兵時好友的死深感自責,因此常常夢到他死去時的模樣;一位哥哥死於酗酒問題的年輕女孩,在夢裡見到的破碎屍體,身邊還有 濃厚的酒精味。這些讓他們揮之不去的惡夢,後來都在精神醫師的協助下慢慢獲得改善。然而,夢的本身真的具有意義嗎?還是因為我們企圖解釋?為什麼有些人會 記得夢的內容,有些人卻不會?Discovery Channel將引領您進入奇幻的夢世界,探索夢境的奧秘。



Power of Dreams: The Creative Spark



自古以來,許多藝術創造者都曾利用過夢帶給他們的靈感和指引,創造出偉大不朽的作品,如義大利作曲家塔迪尼最著名的小提琴奏鳴曲,就是得自他在夢中 所聽到的大師的演奏;而據說貝多芬和莫札特,每天醒來時頭腦裡都在演奏交響曲。此外,夢也是文學的謬斯,作家史泰隆因為夢到年輕時認識的女孩蘇菲,而寫出 了暢銷小說《蘇菲的選擇》。究竟夢對人類的創造力影響有多大?我們又該如何善用這些靈感?Discovery Channel將為您深入剖析夢與靈感、創作之間的微妙關係,並從各種不同的角度解讀夢境的意義。



Great Books IV : Freud's Interpretation of Dreams


每個人的內心都有黑暗的一面,這些無意識的潛在慾望可以說是我們內在的敵人。19世紀的精神科醫師佛洛伊德相信,透過夢的研究能探索人類最隱密的內 心,驅除我們心中的惡魔。他並藉由《夢的解析》一書提出「夢是通往無意識的大道」之著名理論。從此為精神分析領域開啟了一扇新的視窗。

Discovery Channel將為您深入剖析《夢的解析》一書之內容,從中探索夢境的神奇力量,並介紹作者佛洛伊德的創作歷程及其傳奇的一生。佛洛伊德於書中所發表的許 多創新觀念,在當時並沒有完全被世人所接受,尤其是對於「性」的主張與理論最引人爭議,例如「嬰兒性幻想」就是他最重要的發現之一。然而到了21世紀,這 位被尊稱為「精神分析之父」的著名醫師,其評價與影響又是如何呢?片中將有所解答。






Discovery Channel與您一同認識二十世紀遺傳學上最偉大的科學突破。西元1978年,世界上首位的試管嬰兒誕生,這意謂著小生命能在子宮外孕育,讓許多不孕的 夫婦從此能擁有自己的小孩,但如果是夫婦本身的基因缺陷遺傳問題,便需要靠基因診斷。基因診斷這項技術是在胚胎階段檢查胎兒是否罹患遺傳性疾病,如此便可 取出異常的胚胎並植入正常的胚胎以確保胎兒的健康。就如同汽車在經過改良後能降低車禍的發生率般,希望我們的下一代能在基因工程日新月異的發展中免於遺傳 疾病的折磨!






Discovery Channel帶您一同從單性生殖研究、性別對植物進化的重要性、田鼠交配觀察、以及人類性行為等方面來探討兩性間的微妙關係。大自然即是性感大地,所有 生物都有性別且都行交配,然而人類在這方面便複雜許多。在科學黑暗時代根本不可能探討的"",在如今都能搬上檯面,並且獲得障礙協助。基因與荷爾蒙對人 的一生,會產生不同的影響,現代科學便利用這樣的特性,解決人類的生育問題,甚而運用"基因設計",將人類進化推向某些特質。此外,隨著時代進步,為所謂 的電腦虛擬性事,增添不少的想像空間。兩性的發展將繼續下去,科學也將帶領人類進入不同的境界。






Discovery Channel在本片中要為您揭開世界上最大最原始蠻荒的雨林亞馬遜雨林的神秘面紗。亞馬遜雨林依傍著雄偉高聳的安地斯山,被列為馬怒生態保護區。在 這裡,您可以看到種種稀奇古怪的事績,並尋著歷史的足跡,一步一步探索當地土著流傳已久的傳奇故事,發現其潛在文化遺產輝煌燦爛的一面。



The Real Eve


世界上雖有不同的人種、說不同的語言、過著不同的生活,但所有的人類其實都源自於一個名為夏娃的共同祖先。夏娃生活在15萬年前的東非,地球上的每 個人都與她息息相關,她的女性後代帶領現代人離開非洲,散居世界各地,因而造就現今的世界。這是一段人類進化史上最不可思議,也是最重要的旅程。

Discovery Channel將透過基因學家對於人類基因長期的追蹤,於影片中首度公開這趟旅程的路線圖。同時,在法醫重建科技的協助下,我們也將首次看到人類的母親─ “夏娃的大致面貌。也許您會好奇,既然全世界的人類基因都源自於這位黑人女性,為何我們的長相會如此不同?請跟隨本片的基因學家一起踏上這段偉大的遷徙 旅程,您將會得到解答。





在人類的世界裡,選手們接受嚴格的訓練,為得是成為偉大的運動員,享受勝利的榮耀或競賽的刺激。但在動物的世界裡,牠們變得更快、更強壯的目的卻只 是為了保住自己的生命,避免被掠食。Discovery Channel將帶領您一同去體驗自然界中動物們求生的技巧,其難度遠超過人類的極限。





加拉帕戈斯群島位於浩瀚的太平洋上,17世紀時是海盜和迷航船隻停泊的孤島,183526歲的查爾斯達爾文是首位踏上這塊土地的科學家,各種生物 驚人的進化過程一一展現在其眼前,向他暗示最偉大的自然奧秘。達爾文的進化論不僅撼動了科學界,更震憾了當時西方世界的宗教和社會基礎,引起各種迴響與震 盪。



Neanderthal's World


「尼安德塔人」是史上最成功的人種之一,他們曾經憑藉著驚人的環境適應力,克服冰河時期嚴寒的極地氣候,主宰歐洲長達25萬年之久。直到三萬五千年 前,現代人種「克羅馬農人」的出現,在物競天擇的自然淘汰下,才使他們慢慢地絕跡。雖然「尼安德塔人」終究競爭不過一個求生策略較高明的人種,但他們的生 存耐力卻依然是所有人種中最經得起考驗的。

但環境適應力較差的「克羅馬農人」為何能成為新的地球主宰?最主要有兩個關鍵,其一為他們的思考能力比「尼安德塔人」來得高明,而較豐富的語言文化 也使其在溝通上佔了極大的優勢。然而,已生存了25萬年之久的「尼安德塔人」為何沒有演化成現代人?其生活型態與社會結構又是如何呢?Discovery Channel將帶您回到遠古時代的歐洲,探訪這兩個人種的生活,尋找所有的解答。

*Galapagos (IMAX) DVD ~ Kenneth Branagh

Descend 3,000 feet to an area of the ocean floor never before seen by humankind. The mission: collect rare and unusual species for study at the Smithsonian and elsewhere--all part of a real-life exploration that will discover what is believed to be more than a dozen new species of marine life. Shot on the famed archipelago and in its surrounding waters, Galapagos follows marine biologist Dr. Carole Baldwin as she makes her initial venture into that world first chronicled for science 160 years earlier by Charles Darwin. The tools for Baldwin's team are far different from anything Darwin used, yet one thing is unchanged. The Galapagos Islands remain a stunningly abundant laboratory for exploration.

Product Description
A marine biologist from the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History leads this astonishing expedition to the Galapagos islands, a world that is still relatively new and evolving. Descending to depths of 3,000 feet, the scientists find a window into the past and a frontier for exploration.

*Genius - Galileo DVD ~ Galileo

This is the story of the brilliant Italian astronomer and mathematician who dared to challenge the accepted teachings of his day. Galileo’s work brought him to the attention of the Inquisition and one of history’s greatest minds was forced to work his last years under house arrest. Featuring specially-filmed dramatized depictions and rare contemporary images, this program vividly recreates Galileo’s life and work. It also includes expert commentary and analyses by eminent historians. This DVD features: • Exact Mathematical Measurement • Gravity and Flotation • The Principle of Inertia • The Telescope • Controversy with the Church • Motion and Acceleration.

*Genius - Leonardo da Vinci DVD ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

The story of the brilliant Italian artist, sculptor, architect and engineer is told in this informative program. Leonardo’s legacy to the world came in so many forms; in the breathtaking beauty of The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa; his rich collection of drawing; the mirror-written notebooks containing original thoughts on astronomy, biology and physiology. This DVD features: State of the art 3D graphics to explain and test Leonardo’s theories and designs, outstanding computer animated reconstructions, the paintings and drawings, rare period imagery, expert commentary and analyses by Dr. Alan Cartwight, School of Engineering at the University of Warwick, Dr. Peter Borcherds, School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham and Dr. Martin Kemp, Trinity College Oxford.

*Globe Trekker DVD ~ Globe Trekker

Ecuador is the smallest of the Andean countries that stretch along the western coast of South America. Despite its size, Ecuador has an incredible landscape and climate, making it one of the world s greatest geographical wonders. Traveler Justine Shapiro starts her travels in Quayaquil, before taking a train up into the Andes. After climbing the highest active volcano on earth, she heads north to the capital of Ecuador, Quito. Following a trek in the Amazon, she completes her trip with a visit to the magnificent Galapagos Islands. Along the way: Fly into the Amazon on an old army plane. Ride on the roof of a train. Bathe in hot water from a volcano. Romp with the sea lions on the Galapagos Islands. Climb 18,000 icy feet up into the Andes.

*Hooked on Galapagos Birds DVD ~ Galapagos birds

Wow! What a beautiful video, and the music fits each scene. Producer Tom Kaminski combines amazing photography of awesome creatures with excellent writing (and perfect voice), tastefully sprinkled with lots of humor. I loved it all. It was fun and educational, and my grandchildren enjoyed it also. His underwater video of the Galapagos Penguins is fabulous. The slow-motion footage not only is interesting and instructive, but also beautiful in its own right. The video has more content than some of the other Galapagos videos I've seen. Now I'm supercharged to visit the Galapagos Islands myself! Very highly recommended.

*Hooked on Hummingbirds DVD ~ hummingbirds

Witty, charming, incredibly informative and fascinating to watch-----these are just a few of the ways I would describe "Hooked on Hummingbirds." The photography is truly amazing, especially the slow-motion scenes. The narration sounds as though it comes straight from a National Geographic program (but with a sense of humor), and the music is perfectly matched with the action. This DVD conveys a sense of real wonder and respect for these remarkable little creatures, a combination of science and heart. Speaking of heart, it even shows what a human heart would look like if it could pump as fast as a hummingbird's. It is as educational as it is entertaining, and I learn something new every time I watch it. I also like seeing so many different species in addition to the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, which is the only one we seen here in Delaware. There are rewards for everyone in "Hooked on Hummingbirds." It gets my highest recommendation.

*Life in the Freezer DVD ~ Alastair Fothergill

Life in the Freezer is a startling portrait of Antarctica as a dramatic, violent, yet ultimately poetic ecosystem. It's also a miraculously beautiful documentary that can stir an armchair adventurer, make one wish to be standing alongside host David Attenborough as he gazes at the dream-like enormity of glaciers ("glass-yeers," as Attenborough pronounces it) or visits one of the pristine, Georgian islands where seabirds flock during Antarctica's version of spring and summer. With its frozen mass subject to cyclical expansions and retractions, Antarctica's changes determine the feeding, mating, and habitat patterns of a wide variety of wildlife. Life in the Freezer's multi-episode format allows each of those changes to be explored in rich detail. Attenborough demonstrates why certain birds migrate to Antarctica at the same time that humpback and killer whales show up to feed on swarms of shrimp-like krill. In some of the most amazing footage in the series, bull elephant seals appear on Antarctica's shores to manage their harems, mate as often as possible, and brutally fight to keep competitors away. As for penguins: they march, they partner up, they stand still in sub-zero snowstorms. But they also end up as seal prey (a darkly comic sight) and vault through sea waves like mythic heroes. This 1993 series is something special, easily surpassing March of the Penguins as a vision of life in the harshest environment on Earth. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
Antarctica is the wildest, coldest, most isolated continent on Earth. Encrusted in 90% of the world's ice, its 5.4 million square miles are doubled each winter by the freezing of the seas. The average temperature at the South Pole is -56, dropping to -90 and below in mid-winter. Yet this inhospitable landscape is home to a surprisingly rich variety of wildlife. Natural history guru David Attenborough and his camera team spent three years braving mountainous seas, blizzards with 100 mph winds, plummeting temperatures and glaciers the size of cathedrals to capture the majesty of Antarctica both on land and underwater. In this starkly beautiful landscape, they discover penguins by the millions, whales by the thousands, half the world's seal population and seabirds galore.

*Life in the Undergrowth DVD ~ Life in the Undergrowth

By getting up close and personal with Life in the Undergrowth, this extraordinary BBC series sets a new standard of excellence in wildlife cinematography. Hosted by veteran nature expert David Attenborough and utilizing the latest advances in macrophotography, the five-part series is dedicated to bugs of all shapes and sizes, from microscopic gnats to cave-dwelling millipedes so large they can capture bats in mid-flight and feast for hours thereafter! The patience involved in filming such previously unseen marvels must have been grueling (as confirmed by producer Mike Salisbury in a splendid bonus interview), but the results are nothing less than astonishing, with a parade of sequences so impressive that even insect-haters will pause in amazement. With an emphasis on reproduction and mating behaviors, each program focuses on a different, generalized group of creatures, many of them never filmed before, so that lay-persons and entomologists will be equally enlightened by discoveries made in the process of filming.

As always, Attenborough serves as an expert witness, cordial, fearless, and quintessentially British as he explains what we're seeing, from the nocturnal fluorescence of scorpions (glowing at night in ultraviolet light, they perform a mating dance playfully described as "a nuptial pas de deux") to the mysterious, 17-year life cycle of the cicada. Throughout, we see everything, both frightening and beautiful, from an intimate, bug's-eye view, in detail so vividly colorful that you'll never view the insect world in quite the same way again. (Likewise for the diverse variety of critters on view in episode 3: "The Silk Spinners," which according to Salisbury is capable of curing arachnophobes from their irrational fear of spiders.) Just when you think Life in the Undergrowth couldn't get any more fascinating, it does: episode 4, "Intimate Relations," shows how many insects symbiotically depend on other species for food, shelter, or completion of their reproductive cycles, and episode 5, "Supersocieties," focuses on the social complexities of insect colonists like ants and termites. Enough to give you the creeps for days, you say? Think again, for after seeing Life in the Undergrowth (a perfect companion piece to the Nova episode "The Unknown World"), you may find yourself in the garden, on your knees, eager for a better look at the countless millions of tiny creatures that surround us every day. --Jeff Shannon

Product Description
David Attenborough guides the viewer through a miniature universe teeming with life, never normally seen, yet all around us. New technology reveals surreal vistas and their extraordinary inhabitants -- swarming antler moths, desert locusts and a mountain of cockroaches -- up close and personal. The bizarre and the beautiful are represented and their habits, lifestyles and characteristics explained in David Attenborough's inimitable style. Though small, these creatures are as ferocious as any seen before.

*Living Landscapes The Worlds Most Beautifu... DVD ~ Planet Earth

"You'll be hard-pressed to find a single shot in 'The Most Beautiful Places in the World' that doesn't tickle the eye. I was particularly impressed with the cleanliness of the source -- it's crystal clear, with excellent blacks and very natural contrast. Colors are vibrant, yet very clean -- and they're refreshingly free from oversaturation. Detail is often exquisite, and the sense of depth is often akin to looking out of a freshly-scrubbed window." --Reviewed by Peter M. Bracke_Tuesday, June 12, 2007

About the Director
Award winning Producer/Director, Michael Heumann, of dozens of internationally distributed video and television programs for Discovery Channel, Reader's Digest, and Rand McNally.

*Microcosmos DVD ~ Jacques Perrin

Using revolutionary cameras, the directors of this French film (with minimal English-language narration) have made an amazing chronicle of the insect world. There are at least a dozen fascinating, memorable images, and the carnage is held to a minimum. Some favorites include a caterpillar traffic jam, a frog's bout with a rain storm, and a bird that turns into Godzilla for a bunch of ants. Then there's the snail mating scene that must be seen to be believed. Great for families. --Doug Thomas

Product Description
MICROCOSMOS captures the fun and adventure of a spectacular hidden universe revealed in a breathtaking, close-up view unlike anything you've ever seen! Your family will marvel at a pair of stag beetles dueling like titans. The kids will stare bug-eyed as a magnificent army of worker ants race to stock their larder ... while tyring to avoid becoming a feisty pheasant's dinner. And you'll have a front-row seat to witness an amazing transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, the remarkable birth of a mosquito, and several other minute miracles of life. With its tiny cast of thousands, MICROCOSMOS leaves no doubt that "Mother Nature remains the greatest special effects wizard of all" (New York Times).

*National Geographic's Strange Days on Plan... DVD ~ National Geographic

Genres: Documentary

Tagline: In this confusing era, only one thing is certain: These are Strange Days on Planet Earth

Plot Synopsis: Around the globe, scientists are racing to solve a series of mysteries. Unsettling transformations are sweeping across the planet, and clue by clue, investigators around the world are assembling a new picture of Earth, discovering ways that seemingly disparate events are connected. Crumbling houses in New Orleans are linked to voracious creatures from southern China. Vanishing forests in Yellowstone are linked to the disappearance of wolves. An asthma epidemic in the Caribbean is linked to dust storms in Africa. Scientists suspect we have entered a time of global change swifter than any human being has ever witnessed. Where are we headed? What can we do to alter this course of events? National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth, premiering in Spring 2005 on PBS, explores these questions. Drawing upon research being generated by a new discipline, Earth System Science (ESS), the series aims to create an innovative type of environmental awareness. By revealing a cause and effect relationship between what we as humans do to the Earth and what that in turn does to our environment and ecosystems, the series creates a new sense of environmental urgency. Award-winning actor, writer and director Edward Norton (Primal Fear, American History X, Italian Job) hosts the series. A dedicated environmental activist, Norton has a special interest in providing solar energy to low income families. Each of the four one-hour episodes is constructed as a high-tech detective story, with the fate of the planet at stake.

*Nature - Birds DVD ~ George Page

Birds of a Feather Are Flocking Together on This Double Program DVD - Program 1: Extraordinary Birds Stunning NATURE photgraphy takes flight to capture the wondrous behavior of the world's most extraordinary birds. Follow the warlike falcon hunting for prey, a storm of wild birds who bring a monsoon to an Indian reservation, the 5,000 mile commute of a tiny hummingbird, and more! Program 2: Parrots: Look Who's Talking This fun, visually rich program profiles a bird of magnificent color, both in plumage and in personaity. Adoring owners talk about their parrots, inclduing one who loves opera, and another who dunks cookies on demand!

*Nature - Pale Male 2005 DVD ~ Dr. Alexander Fisher

Of the millions of newcomers who flock to New York City, the astounding arrival in 1991 of a red-tailed hawk made history. No other red-tailed hawk had ever attempted to make Manhattan his territory. Affectionately dubbed Pale Male, he made an exclusive Fifth Avenue apartment building his home. Pale Male became an instant celebrity who made New Yorkers' hearts and imaginations soar. The destruction of his nest in December, 2004, became front page news. See Pale Male's remarkable story in this award-winning presentation of the Emmy-honored PBS series, NATURE narrated by Oscar-winner Joanne Woodward. Join the close-knit community of bird-watchers who faithfully gather daily to follow the progress of this exquisite, powerful bird of prey, as he hunts Central Park's wild creatures, courts his mate on Woody Allen's balcony, builds a penthouse nest, fiercely protects his family from attacking crows, and encourages his baby chicks to fly. Pale Male and his family become a magnificent obsession for the captivated crowds below. To the regulars on the beach, it's better than Broadway. And so is this very special program that the Audubon Society has proclaimed "a classic."

*On the Wings of the Monarch DVD ~ Libby Graham

Omni Awards,Fall,2003
"On the Wings of the Monarch" has been recognized with a Fall 2003 Bronze Omni Award.

Product Description
"On the Wings of the Monarch" is an exciting nature documentary that follows host Libby Graham on an amazing journey into the life of the monarch butterfly. We travel to an incredible monarch over-wintering site in Mexico where we find close to 40 million monarchs. This documentary provides the viewer with an in-depth look at the enigmatic monarch butterfly, tracing its incredible long distance migration and its fantastic life cycle. "On the Wings of the Monarch" will fascinate children and adults alike. Shot on location in Mexico, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Kansas, this documentary uses stunning slow-motion photography and brilliant macro photography to capture the beauty and strength of the monarch. It includes informative interviews with monarch expert, Dr. Lincoln Brower. Host Libby Graham and narrator Bernie Alan, PBS voice-over talent, fill the viewers in on all of the interesting facts about the monarch butterfly.

*Prehistoric Park DVD ~ Prehistoric Park

What if extinction didn't have to be forever? That's the premise of this BCI Eclipse docu-drama by the animatronics and computer graphics teams of Walking With Dinosaurs in which naturalist Nigel Marven rescues now-extinct creatures from the past 300-million years and brings them via time portal to a present-day wildlife sanctuary known as Prehistoric Park to be studied, preserved, and bred. Like a Jurassic Park with much more scientific information and minus the high level of sheer terror, Prehistoric Park deals with the housing of prehistoric creatures in the modern world. Nigel travels through the last 300-million years collecting specimens of everything from the heavily researched tyrannosaurus rex, wooly mammoth, and saber tooth cat to the newly discovered four-winged microraptor and the centipede-like arthropleura. Each episode skillfully blends scientific fact with scientific inference and Nigel's demonstrated knowledge of modern day animals and his ability to extrapolate that knowledge to understand prehistoric animal behavior and their needs is impressive. At Prehistoric Park, the very knowledgeable veterinarian Suzanne is similarly adept at adapting current medical knowledge and practice to help the prehistoric animals under her care and park caretaker Bob is a master improviser, building containment pens and modifying environments, and sometimes animal behavior, to ensure a healthy and safe captivity. An adventure series in the truest sense, each 47-minute episode juxtaposes the modern with the prehistoric and the scientific with the imagined, is full of suspense and drama, and features an amazing combination of very skilled computer animation and realistic animatronics that leave audiences believing that they've just seen genuine footage of prehistoric creatures. Scenic locations are stunning and conjure up localities ranging from the subtropical prehistoric park to the icy tundra, rock formations of Scotland, and ash-strewn volcanic lands of prehistoric China. The talents of Nigel Marven, sometimes compared to the Crocodile Hunter, Suzanne McNabb, Rod Arthur (park keeper Bob), and narrator David Jason are considerable. Bonus features include a great "Stats and Facts" feature which allows viewers to select on-screen facts about specific creatures as they appear within the episodes, storyboards, photo gallery, and a 27-minute making-of featurette that details the entire creative process from imagining the impossible to scouting locations, creating the incredible animatronics with "Crawlie Creatures" and cutting-edge computer animation with "Framestore," and finding talented actors and natural history experts up to the challenge of re-creating 300-million years of history. This six-episode television adventure is at once entertaining and educational and is sure to fascinate and inspire the entire family ages 6 and older. --Tami Horiuchi

*Prehistoric Planet - Complete Set DVD ~ Ben Stiller

This well-received Discovery Kids television series cleverly cannibalized footage from two hugely popular, BBC primetime programs Walking with Dinosaurs and Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, reworking the CGI-heavy dino-dramas into absorbing (and--shh!--educational) fare. The result was, and is, smashing. Narrated by Ben Stiller and ingeniously scripted, the series delineates epochs, species, and prehistoric environments in an entertaining effort to broaden one's detailed appreciation of ancient creatures of the land, sea, and air. Meet Ornithocheirus, a Cretaceous-period flying pterosaur whose 40-foot wingspan can carry him from the future Florida coast to Europe in a day--yet who could end up as snack food for the 80-foot aquatic monster Liopleurodon. Or the fascinating, 6-foot Leallynasaura, a 106-million-year-old denizen of Antarctica's rainforest (!) who avoids the predatory Koolasuchus (seriously) through clan cooperation. There's more to prehistoric Earth than the stylish raptor and bullying T-Rex; meet their neighbors here. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
The BBC's award-winning Walking With Dinosaurs is now available in an all-new, kid-friendly format: Prehistoric Planet: Dino Dynasty I! The same breathtaking CGI and state-of-the-art digital effects that wowed millions has been given an incredible make-over with all-new music, educational fact files, and a younger, hipper voiceover by actor Ben Stiller. But the star of the show remains the totally lifelike, utterly amazing dinosaurs themselves -- great lumbering giants such as Diplodocus and Stegosaurus, fearsome predators like Allosaurus and T-Rex, all brought to life so realistically, you'll believe we sent our camera crews back in time. Prehistoric Planet: Dino Dynasty I is a wild, truly awesome journey into the ancient past that will leave your kids so awe-struck, they won't even realize they're learning!

*Shark Week: 20th Anniversary Collection DVD ~ Corey Sosner

Lurking silently beneath the ocean's placid surface is one of nature's most terrifying creatures, a powerful predator who can rip its prey apart in a matter of seconds! Now experience actual shark attacks and rescues captured on film. Learn why these attacks are increasing at an alarming rate and see the awe-inspiring lengths sharks will go to when they're after prey. Swim with this misunderstood marvel in the world's most beautiful places, and discover the shark's secrets as we peer into its home in the sea's dark depths. Go shark hunting with the man whose legendary adventures may have inspired the infamous character Quint from Jaws, the movie that has scared millions out of the ocean. Explore the science, myths and mystery of this fearsome predator in 14 favorite Discovery Channel programs from Shark Week--the series that has been exciting and intriguing fans for 20 years! 4-DVD Set includes the following episodes: "Shark Attack Rescuers," "Shark Attack Survivors," Anatomy of a Shark Bite," "Prehistoric Sharks," "Future Shark," "Bull Shark: The World's Deadliest Shark," "Jaws of the Pacific," "Sharks in a Desert Sea," "Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa," "Air Jaws II: Even Higher," "American Shark," "Shark Rebellion," "Shark Hunter: Chasing the Great White," and "Shark Bite! Surviving Great Whites."

*The Blue Planet - Seas of Life Collector's... DVD ~ Alastair Fothergill

Extraordinary footage and eloquent narration by David Attenborough highlight the BBC's remarkable wildlife series The Blue Planet: Seas of Life. "Ocean World" begins with astonishing views of a gigantic blue whale--the elusive Holy Grail of undersea photography--and the marvels continue to demonstrate the power, diversity, and profound ecological influence of Earth's oceans. "Frozen Seas" examines whales, walruses, penguins, and other creatures under the extreme conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. The next two episodes are even better. "Open Ocean" travels thousands of miles into the vast "liquid desert," where currents determine how the ocean's diverse life forms will assume their places in the food chain. More amazing, "The Deep" descends with a state-of-the-art submersible to the ocean's abyssal plain and beyond, filming such bizarre creatures as the fangtooth, bioluminescent jellies, transparent squid, the giant-mouthed gulper eel, and the never-before-seen hairy angler fish.

"Seasonal Seas" focuses on the explosion of life that accompanies every annual blooming of plankton, numbering in the countless billions and captured here with brilliant microphotography. In "Coral Seas," miles-long reefs of living coral are explored, from deep within (requiring brief computer animation) to the surrounding environs, where you'll see white-tipped sharks in a feeding frenzy while beautiful harlequin shrimp wrestle with a starfish. "Tidal Seas" explores the myriad life forms that thrive when lunar gravity pulls the oceans offshore. "Coasts" is easily the most brutal episode, but no less mesmerizing. The most unexpected, and horrifying, sequence is the orca, earning its "killer whale" nickname by capturing, killing, and tail-tossing a seal pup--a sequence so mysteriously primal that even the most seasoned marine biologist will be utterly amazed. One of the finest wildlife programs you're ever likely to see, The Blue Planet: Seas of Life provides the privilege of visiting a truly alien world teeming with the rarest wonders of nature. The series was recut into the feature-length Deep Blue in 2005. --Jeff Shannon

Product Description
Come explore years of incredible undersea photography and breathtaking views into a world we share. Choose four DVDs or four VHS tapes. Seasonal Seas/Cral Seas, Tidal Seas/Coasts, Ocean World/Frozen Seas, The Open Ocean and The Deep. Two titles per disc or tape. (Some scenes may be graphic in nature.)

*The Blue Planet - Seas of Life DVD ~ Blue Planet: Seas of Life

Before creating the monumental Planet Earth, producer Alastair Fothergill and his team from the BBC put together one of the most breathtaking explorations of the world's oceans ever assembled, The Blue Planet: Seas of Life. The winner of two Emmy(R) Awards, The Blue Planet: Seas of Life is the definitive exploration of the marine world, chronicling the mysteries of the deep in ways never before imagined. It is now being re-released in an all-new special edition, with an added 5th disc of bonus programming not included in the original DVD release. See it again, like never before!

*The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey by Spencer Wells (Author)

Spencer Wells traces human evolution back to our very first ancestor in The Journey of Man. Along the way, he sums up the explosive effect of new techniques in genetics on the field of evolutionary biology and all available evidence from the fossil record. Wells's seemingly sexist title is purposeful: he argues that the Y chromosome gives us a unique opportunity to follow our migratory heritage back to a sort of Adam, just as earlier work in mitochondrial DNA allowed the identification of Eve, mother of all Homo sapiens. While his descriptions of the advances made by such luminary scientists as Richard Lewontin and Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza can be dry, Wells comes through with sparkling metaphors when it counts, as when he compares genetic drift to a bouillabaisse recipe handed down through a village's generations. Though finding our primal male is an exciting prospect, the real revolution Wells describes is racial. Or rather, nonracial, as he reiterates the scientific truth that our notions of what makes us different from each other are purely cultural, not based in biology. The case for an "out of Africa" scenario of human migration is solid in this book, though Wells makes it clear when he is hypothesizing anything controversial. Readers interested in a fairly technical, but not overwhelming, summary of the remarkable conclusions of 21st-century human evolutionary biology will find The Journey of Man a perfect primer. --Therese Littleton --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

From Publishers Weekly
In this surprisingly accessible book, British geneticist Wells sets out to answer long-standing anthropological questions of where humans came from, how we migrated and when we arrived in such places as Europe and North America. To trace the migration of human beings from our earliest homes in Africa to the farthest reaches of the globe, Wells calls on recent DNA research for support. Clues in the blood of present groups such as eastern Russia's Chukchi, as well as the biological remnants of long-extinct human clans, allow Wells to follow the Y chromosome as a relatively unaltered marker of human heritage. Eventually, working backward through time, he finds that the earliest common "ingredient" in males' genetic soup was found in a man Wells calls the "Eurasian Adam," who lived in Africa between 31,000 and 79,000 years ago. Each subsequent population, isolated from its fellows, gained new genetic markers, creating a map in time and space. Wells writes that the first modern humans "left Africa only 2,000 generations ago" and quickly fanned out across Asia, into Europe, and across the then-extant land bridge into the Americas. Using the same markers, he debunks the notion that Neanderthals were our ancestors, finds odd links between faraway peoples, and-most startlingly-discovers that all Native Americans can be traced to a group of perhaps a dozen people. By explaining his terminology and methods throughout the book, instead of in a chunk, Wells makes following the branches of the human tree seem easy. 44 color photos, 54 halftones and 3 maps.
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

*The Life of Birds DVD ~ Life of Birds

Like the albatross glimpsed in the beginning of this 10-part, 5-volume series, The Life of Birds quickly takes flight. Sir David Attenborough hosts this unprecedented and extraordinary global look at the magnificent and often curious winged species with which we share our planet. Like the best wildlife shows, The Life of Birds offers a fresh and accessible view of creatures we may take for granted (didn't Alfred Hitchcock warn us about that?). The focus of this series is not on the different bird species, but on bird behavior. Remarkable and awe-inspiring footage preserves the wide range of tools and techniques with which birds fly, hunt for food, attract a mate, hatch their chicks, and defend themselves against predators.

Each volume contains two episodes. Series titles include: "To Fly or Not to Fly?," "The Mastery of Flight," "The Insatiable Appetite," "Meat Eaters," "Fishing for a Living," Signals and Songs," "Finding Partners" (the inevitable mating episode), "The Demands of the Egg," "The Problems of Parenthood," and "The Limits of Endurance." One comedic diversion while watching this series is the Pythonesque (as in Monty) way in which Attenborough pops up in the most remote, most exotic locales. At one point, night-vision cameras capture the rare sight of the nocturnal kiwi as it forages for food on a New Zealand beach. The camera pans to reveal scant paces away our guide shining a flashlight on the nonplussed bird. Attenborough is also the creator of the classic natural-science series The Trials of Life, The Living Planet, and Life on Earth, all of which are also available on video. --Donald Liebenson

Product Description
The definitive series on the most colorful, popular and perfectly adapted creatures on earth, The Life of Birds traverses the globe, covering 42 countries and examining over 300 different species. Calling upon the immense skills of many of the world's top wildlife cameramen and women, and pushing filming technology to the limits, new behavior is brought to the screen in staggering detail. Infra-red cameras find oilbirds deep in pitch black caves. Ultra slow motion film unravels the complexities of bird flight and ultraviolet cameras reveal the world from a bird's point of view.

*The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci DVD ~ Philippe Leroy

*The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill DVD ~ Charles Mingus

Quiet patience and an observant eye turn a seemingly unpromising subject into a rich and fascinating movie. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill captures the life of Mark Bittner, a gentle homeless musician who's befriended a flock of wild parrots in a neighborhood of San Francisco. Following Bittner, the

camera zooms in on individual parrots, revealing their individual personalities and the traits of their species. This leads to Bittner's own life, the network of friendships that support him, and the ways in which the parrots--a non-native species--interact with both the natural ecosystem and the city government; just about every topic opens up another until a flock of colorful birds represents a microcosm of nature and society.

Filmmaker Judy Irving has created an exemplary documentary simply by paying attention to the details of the world around her subject.

Everything you expect from a Hollywood blockbuster--romance, violence, humor, sorrow, strong personalities in conflict--is here in spades, except that the heroes and heroines have bright red and green feathers. Utterly rewarding. --Bret Fetzer

Product Description:
An "engrossing, delightful film" (The Washington Post), The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is the bonafide sleeper theatrical hit of the year. The film's endearing guide is Mark Bittner, an aging bohemian, but the supporting cast members, a rambunctious flock of urban parrots, are the true stars, and their surprisingly humanlike behavior makes for a wondrous and rare experience. The film follows the ups-and-downs of these wild birds within the green niches of San Francisco as Bittner befriends, feeds, and names the members of the flock. Along the way, we meet many unforgettable characters: among them Connor, the grouchy yet lovable outcast of the flock, crying for a mate but luckless in his pursuits, and "the lovers," Picasso and Sophie, inseparable until Sophie is forced into mourning when Picasso disappears. More than a mere birdwatcher, Bittner finds solace in his immersion with these strikingly beautiful creatures - but how will he cope when he's evicted from his sanctuary and forced to live away from the parrots? Packed with romance, comedy and a surprise ending that "makes you feel like you could fly out of the theater" (San Jose Mercury News), The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill shows just how wondrously similar the human and animal worlds really can be.

*Winged Migration

For earthbound humans, Winged Migration is as close as any of us will get to sharing the sky with our fine feathered friends. It's as if French director Jacques Perrin and his international crew of dedicated filmmakers had been given a full-access pass by Mother Nature herself, with the complete "cooperation" of countless species of migrating birds, all answering to eons of migratory instinct. The film is utterly simple in purpose, with minimal narration and on-screen titles to identify the wondrous varieties of flying wildlife, but its visceral effect is humbling, awesome and magnificently profound. Technically, Perrin surpasses the achievement of his earlier film Microcosmos (which did for insects what this film does for birds), and apart from a few digital skyscapes for poetic effect, this astonishing film uses no special effects whatsoever, with soaring, seemingly miraculous camera work that blesses the viewer with, quite literally, a bird's-eye view. A brief but important hunting scene may upset sensitive viewers and children, but doesn't stop Winged Migration from being essential all-ages viewing. --Jeff Shannon

Product Description
Rolling Stone raved that Winged Migration, the critically acclaimed, awe-inspiring documentary, is"A movie miracle! It soars! You feel privileged!" Witness as five film crews follow a rich variety of bird migrations through 40 countries and each of the seven continents. With teams totalling more than 450 people, 17 pilots and 14 cinematographers used planes, gliders, helicopters and balloons to fly alongside, above, below and in front of their subjects. The result is a film of staggering beauty that Entertainment Weekly hailed as "Mesmerizing!" and the Los Angeles Times applauded as "Breathtaking! As lofty as it is exhilarating!" Open your eyes to the wonders of the natural world as you fly along with the world’s most gorgeous birds through areas.

*World of Raptors DVD ~ World of Raptors

WORLD OF RAPTORS is an intimate guide to American birds of prey that portrays the majestic power and beauty of North America's falcons, hawks and eagles in all their wild glory. Narrated by Academy Award winning actress, JOANNE WOODWARD, and filled with spectacular aerial photography, WORLD OF RAPTORS follows internationally renowned bird authority, MORLEY NELSON, on an odyssey of natural discovery that will educate, entertain, and inspire.

A Mighty Heart DVD ~ Dan Futterman

A Mighty Heart comes at the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl with a de-glamorized intensity: it's not a melodrama about Pearl's kidnapping and killing at the hands of Islamic terrorists, but a near-documentary about the process of trying to find him. Thus the center of the film is not Pearl (Dan Futterman) but his wife Mariane (Angelina Jolie), a cool customer who manages--almost--to maintain her calm throughout the weeks-long ordeal. Director Michael Winterbottom is less overtly political here than in his Road to Guantanamo, although the reactions of various authorities, from U.S. officials to local Pakistani cops, give the flavor of different attitudes and approaches. Jolie, playing the Dutch-Afro-Cuban Mariane Pearl, does nicely at playing her character's control (others marvel at her sangfroid), yet she remains recognizably human throughout. By no means a star turn, the movie leaves Mariane for long stretches, and other actors shine: Irfan Khan as a detective, Denis O'Hare as Daniel Pearl's Washington Post editor, and Will Patton as a stymied diplomat. As engrossing as the movie generally is, the point of emphasizing the police-procedural method is sometimes obscure. Oddly enough, by rejecting the usual string-pulling of conventional Hollywood drama, A Mighty Heart ends up without a strong point of view--as good as its pieces are. --Robert Horton

Product Description
Based on Mariane Pearl's account of the terrifying and unforgettable story of her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl's life and death.

BBC典藏系列~人體科學系列套裝() DVD~正版新品開發票

人體科學系列套裝() DVD


 榮獲英國演藝學院獎多項大獎肯定 堪稱父母必備的健康教育百科詳細探討生命的起源與延續 幹細胞與基因科技的最佳見證
 由英國廣播公司 精心推出的人體系列套裝,是榮獲多項英國演藝學院獎大獎的製作群,享譽全球的人體科技代表鉅作,堪稱父母必備的健康教育百科!節目將帶您一同探索世界上最 複雜的生物工學--人體生命系統!藉由活潑生動的敘述,引導觀眾進入生命意識的形成到無邊界的死亡之地,並藉由驚人畫面和當今科學研究,詳盡解說人體自我 修復力量和最新的醫療科技,最後並破解基因密碼,揭露生命和器官複製的關鍵技術。【人體世界】全片共分八個單元,詳細紀錄生命中的每一個過程,藉由活潑生 動的敘述,引導您進入鮮為人知的人體神秘旅程。首次透過內視鏡,觀察懷孕婦女胎兒的生長情況,講述由嬰兒出生到老年死亡的真實鏡頭!【超級人類】深入探討 本世紀人類的醫療趨勢。全片共分六個單元,藉由驚人的畫面效果與當今的科學,詳盡解說人體的自我修復力量,及複製、遺傳學等先驅醫療科技,大膽的進行基因 密碼的破解。

BBC典藏系列~聖經解碼 DVD~正版新品開發票

聖經解碼 DVD



 抹大拉的瑪利亞真的是妓女嗎?聖彼得究竟被安葬在什麼地方? 約瑟真的有那麼一件彩衣嗎?希律王是不是下令殺了所有無辜嬰兒呢?節目還將解開其他許許多多的聖經之謎。






您看過血液在血管內奔騰流動的情景嗎?您知道氧氣如何在肺裡交換作用嗎?本片破天荒揭開人體運作的奧秘,運用最新的特殊攝影技術,帶領您遊覽人體內 部的器官及構造,瞭解人體系統運作的原理。Discovery Channel忠實地將種種令人驚嘆的畫面呈現出來,讓您體會生命中最深層的奧妙與悸動。






Discovery Channel 將帶領我們一同進入人體最深奧的器官-大腦,雖然腦細胞一旦死亡,即是永遠失去,但左右兩腦卻是可以互相彌補受損的區域,即使失去語言與溝通的功能,人類 仍可憑藉著右腦,發出表達情緒的聲音。而醫學界也相信,大腦的中樞-腦幹,是復原的關鍵,藉由不斷的動作,可以刺激腦幹,加強大腦的活動,而達到復原的目 的。現在醫學界更致力於研發大腦冷卻頭盔,以保持大腦細胞存活一小時的契機,來爭取寶貴的醫療時間。這些大大小小的勝利與奇蹟,不僅讓我們一窺大腦強大的 修補與復原能力,也讓我們對日新越異的醫學科技更具希望與信心!





隨著世上萬物新生命的演化,腦也跟著進化,隨著週遭環境增添新的功能。人腦為回應環境漸增的需求,快速成長,大腦覆蓋著薄層皺摺的皮質,以神經元延 伸的神經纖維建造出複雜的通訊網,對接收到的外界訊息進行過濾處理而產生相對反應。Discovery Channel引領您一起來解開人類大腦意識之謎,了解人類行為模式產生的過程並審視人性的起源。






Discovery Channel 就要帶領您來趟記憶的時光之旅。科學家發現,記憶並不是完整儲存,而是分門別類地存放在腦皮層中,只要啟動一個印象,就會引發一連串的集合動作,並喚回所 有相關的鮮活記憶。另外,記憶也分成長期性與暫時性,隨著年齡增加,暫時性記憶的功能,也會隨之老化,或許這可以為人類的記憶現象做一最佳註解。

世紀之病- "阿茲海默症"之所以讓人聞之變色,是在於其讓大腦細胞迅速萎縮死亡,並引發失憶、冷漠,並產生幻覺等併發症,然而醫學界卻無法找出確切精準的病因,唯 一可以確定的是,多用大腦思考,刺激腦細胞,可以將阿茲海默症的發病機率降到最低,對已患病者而言,則可以延緩其他併發症的發生。目前人類雖還無法完全掌 握大腦與記憶的重要關連,但相信在醫學科技的抽絲剝繭下,記憶之謎即將開啟。






Discovery Channel帶領您一同進入大腦的神秘世界,一同探討人類的意識與行為與大腦之間的關聯。人的腦中有許多種的神經傳導物質能修正甚至改變人的行為:5 色胺是一種能控制情緒、胃口、記憶與學習等方面的傳導物質、迷幻即是一種透過5羥色胺作用影響人意識最好的例子,而多巴胺則是另一種傳導物質、它主要是負 責調整大腦活動,帕金森氏症、精神分裂症的病人都是由於多巴胺系統出問題所導致的。在科學家越來越能以游動於頭部的化學物質解釋人類行為的同時,或許再過 不久,他們也能利用科學製造出仿化學物質的藥物,治癒病人!



Discovery Magazine I : Brain Stormers



Discovery Channel將帶您一窺大腦的全新面貌。一位四歲女孩因腦部障礙,必須進行手術切除將近一半的腦組織,結果發現其頭骨內僅存的左腦,已完全接管右腦大部 份的功能,這一切多虧大腦具彈性的神經元與線路。梵谷,這位集天才與瘋狂於一身的著名畫家,讓科學家深入探討創造力與躁鬱症之間的悲劇環節,研究顯示出人 的心智處於狂躁狀態時,思緒會更加流暢,並激發出源源不絕的藝術創意。至於男人與女人之間的相對特質,近年來專家更揭發出兩者大腦不同的運作方式,才會產 生如此分明的行為差異,解答千古年來人類對兩性差異的謎思。





利用基因的排列組合加上時間差,人類便能創造出體形、外貌不同的生物。生物DNA的細微變化能左右基因的顯性或隱性,這便是遺傳學的基本原理。 Discovery Channel將帶領大家一窺基因的奧祕並經由基因測試,探索生理結構及行為模式的差異。人類能否藉由基因的測試來預測疾病,改善人類的生活?請您和我們 一同探索





利用基因的排列組合加上時間差,人類便能創造出體形、外貌不同的生物。生物DNA的細微變化能左右基因的顯性或隱性,這便是遺傳學的基本原理。 Discovery Channel將帶領大家一窺基因的奧祕並經由基因測試,探索生理結構及行為模式的差異。人類能否藉由基因的測試來預測疾病,改善人類的生活?請您和我們 一同探索



Smart Babies?



 支持「溫室養育」理 論的人相信,基因和經驗是創造孩子多元智能和特殊技巧的主因,在嬰兒腦部發展時期,胞突接合將大量且快速地形成,如果能在此時安排多采多姿的環境,以增加 外界刺激,將促進嬰兒的胞突接合數量而明顯地提昇智力。另一方面,卻有人以科學研究提出反證,認為創造聰明寶寶是不切實際的想法。究竟孰是孰非?您不可錯