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Saturday, December 29, 2007


NC451G謝侑倫 9580012

撰寫人:9580012 謝侑倫 NC451-Glossary

Abdominal muscles(腹部的肌肉)

lower abdominal exercises

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Group of muscles innervated by the nerves originating from the T6-T12 spinal segments. Their contraction increases intrathoracic pressure, triggering forced expiration.→此部位肌肉受T6-T12神經控制,肌肉的收縮______使氣體呼出。

lower abdominal exercises

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Abdominal reflex-(腹部的反射)

Contraction of the abdominal wall and retraction of the umbilicus toward the stimulus on stroking the skin over the abdominal quadrant. A reflex regulated by T7-T12 and the upper lumbar segments. Absence of this reflex is associated with pyramidal tract lesions (upper motor neuron)→腹部肌肉壁的收縮和反射是由T7-T12神經和上部腰神經來控制,缺少反射和上部運動神經有關。

Absence here = no reflex

Abducens nerve(外展肌肉神經)

Cranial nerve VI, regulating the lateral rectus muscle, which is responsible for moving eyeball laterally. A pathologic involvement of the nerve causes the eye to rotate to the middle (medial strabismus).→第六對腦神經控制側直肌的肌肉,它是負責眼球的側向運動,使眼球往中間旋轉。

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Movement of the limb away from the central body axis.→使四肢移動離開身體中軸的肌肉

Abembryonic (or vegetal) pole

Pertaining to a region opposite to the implanting embryo.→關於一個和植入的胚胎相對領域

Wrong! Check in dictionary, textbook, encyclopedia, or website!


Localized accumulation of pus from liquefied tissue, resulting in displacement of tissues.→液化的組織產生____膿汁的積聚_______

Absence (petit mal) seizures(失神發作)

Sudden and recurrent attacks of impaired consciousness secondary to bilateral cortical discharge. They are characterized by staring, blinking and twitching of cranial muscle. The underlying electro-encephalograph shows an abrupt onset of a 3-sec spike. →這種發作並不會有抽慉的情形發生。然而,一個人可能變得對周遭一切失去知覺,兩眼空洞像死魚一般瞪著。這種情形大約會持續5-30

Absolute refractive period (完全折射時期)

Time immediately following the action potential in which no other action potential can be initiated.→在沒有其他動作電位被啟動的狀態下,此時期緊跟著動作電位之後。


A period when neurons are not able to respond after inervation / activation!!!


Impaired ability to make a decision and perform voluntary actions along with reduced speech output, usually associated with bilateral prefrontal lobe pathologies.→喪失判斷和主動行為的能力,伴隨著言語表達的減少,通常和兩邊的前額葉____有關。


Impaired ability, acquired after brain damage, to perform simple arithmetic calculation.→大腦的損傷對簡單的算術能力變差。

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Parasympathetically mediated visual response that the lens undergoes to keep a near object in focus.→藉由副交感神經傳達水晶體對近物注視的視覺反應。

Acetylcholine (ACh)(乙醯膽鹼)

Neurotransmitter released by cholinergic neurons and widely distributed in body tissues. It primarily regulates the nervous system and muscular activity.→是一神經傳導物質,我們要做動作時,大腦下命令經由神經傳導到與肌肉交接處的神經末稍,此時神經末稍會釋放神經傳導物質乙醯膽鹼,到達位於肌肉細胞上的乙醯膽鹼受體,而引起肌肉收縮。


Enzyme that breaks (hydrolyzes) the neurotransmitter acetylcoline into choline and acetate, contributing to the termination of the postsynaptic current and signal. Much of the choline released by hydrolysis is recaptured by the presynaptic terminal. →位於乙醯膽鹼受體旁邊的乙醯膽鹼酵素,會將乙醯膽鹼水解破壞掉,使神經肌肉交接處又恢復休息狀態,準備迎接下一次收縮。_______


Without color.→無色的。

Acoustive nerve(聽神經)

Par t of cranial nerve VIII that serves audition.→第八對腦神經負責聽覺的傳輸。

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Condition characterized by thickened bones and tissue and caused by oversecretion of human growth (hGH) hormone during adulthood.→在成年期過度分泌生長激素會有增厚骨頭和組織的現象

Action potential(動作電位)

Electrical impulse representing a transient fluctuation un membrane potentials, which are propagated along axonal process to activate postsynaptic terminals.→電位衝動是膜電位表現極短的波動,它是沿著軸索傳導到突處的末端。


Perceptual clarity, usually of auditory and visual stimuli.→知覺的清晰度,通常聽覺和視覺的刺激。


Short-term physiologic effects emerging immediately after pathophysiology and requiring immediate medical attention.→在疾病生理直接出現短期的生理影響,需要立即的醫學治療。

Acute confusion state(急性意識混亂)


Reversible altered level of consciousness of sudden onset marked by confusion, distractibility, disordered thinking, fluctuating attention, reduced memory, impaired perception(illusions and hallucination), and agitation caused by toxicity in the brain.→一般會突然出現精神錯亂的狀況,會再某一段時間出現混亂的情形,記憶力也會減退,注意力也不能集中,多出現在上了年紀的老人


Diminished sensitivity of a receptor to continued stimulation.減少感覺器官對連續刺激的敏感性


Movement of limb toward the midline/central body axis. Opposite of abduction.→四肢的移動到身體的中軸,相反於外展

Adenohypophysis (腦下垂腺)

Anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.→腦下垂體的前葉。

Adeno = gland

Adipisa ??? Adipsia ???

Condition marked by the absence of thirst or lack of desire to take water.→出現缺乏口渴的欲望的狀況。

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