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Friday, April 4, 2008





.Lateral geniculate nuclei 外側膝狀體核

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The thalamic nuclei that relay visual information to the cerebral cortex.

丘腦核,將視覺的訊號傳遞到cerebral cortex皮質。


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Mammillary bodies 乳頭狀體

The pair of hypothalamic nuclei, one on the left and one on the right, that are part of a system that plays an important role in emotion; they are visible on the inferior surface of the hypothalamus as a pair of bumps just behind the pituitary.

一對下視丘核,一個在左邊,一個在右邊,部分的系統that are part of a system that在情緒方面佔有很重要的角色;他們很明顯的在下視丘的下表面,像是兩個突起物,正位於腦下垂體的後面。

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Medial geniculate nuclei 內側膝狀體核

The thalamic nuclei that relay auditory information to the cerebral cortex.

丘腦核,將聲音的訊號傳遞到cerebral cortex皮質

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Medulla 髓質、延腦

The most posterior region of the brain stem; the myelencephalon; its major structure include the pyramids, olives, medullary reticular formation, and the nuclei that contribute axons to cranial nerves 9, 10, 11, and 12.


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Olives 橄欖nuclei

The pair of large oliveshaded clusters of nuclei that are visible as bulges on the lateral surfaces of the medulla, one on each side; they are connected to the cerebellum by the inferior peduncles.

一對大的橄欖狀束的神經核,在丘腦側面有很明顯的突出部分,一邊一個,經由下小腳將他們傳遞connected to小腦。

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Paraventricular nuclei 腦室旁核

One of the two pairs of hypothalamic nuclei that contain neurons whose axons terminate in the posterior pituitary; this pair is located on the dorsal surface of the hypothalamus on each side of the third ventricle.


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Periaqueductal gray 導水管周圍灰質

The tegmental gray matter that is located around the cerebral aqueduct; it plays a role in the suppression of pain and in defensive behavior.

頭蓋灰質位於小腦導管的附近,作為1 = 疼痛的抑制2 = 防禦的行為plays a role in 1 & 2的角色

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Pituitary stalk 腦垂體柄、腦下腺柄

The stalk from which the anterior and posterior pituitary are suspended from the typothalamus.


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Pons 橋腦

The ventral portion of the metencephalon; its major structures include the fourth ventricle, the metencephalic portion of the reticular formation, many ascending and descending tracts, and the nuclei that contribute axons to cranial nerves 5, 6, 7, and 8.

後腦的內部部分,它的內部結構包含了第四腦室、網狀結構的後腦部分、上行和下行路徑和神經細胞核,提供軸突contribute axons= provide axonal connection 到第五、六、七、八對腦神經。

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Posterior pituitary 腦下垂體後葉

The posterior portion of the pituitary; it releases vasopression from neuron terminals that have their cell bodies in the hypothalamus.


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