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Monday, June 23, 2008




The visual system is concerned with image perception, which involves four events: (1) the lens and cornea of the eye refract light rays (2) retinal photoreceptor cells then convert the electromagnetic energy of the light rays into changes in the membrane potential; (3) through integrating processing by other retinal neurons, the retinal ganglion transmits generated action potentials to the thalamus with relay to the visual cortex. (4) Finally, visual images are perceived in the primary visual cortex and interpreted in the associational visual cortex. Optical disturbances affect image formation, whereas lesions interrupting visual fibers result in different visual field losses.

視覺系統有關於圖像知覺,包含4個項目:(1)眼睛的晶狀體和角膜折射光射線(2) 視網膜上的視覺接受細胞把光射線的電磁能量轉變成膜電位的電位差;(3) 經由視網膜神經元的合成過程integrating processing by other retinal neurons,視網膜神經節的傳導產生動作電位到視丘再傳達到視覺皮層。(4) 最後,視覺影像在首要視覺皮層裡被察覺並且在聯想的視覺皮層裡解釋。視覺的騷動Optical disturbances = visual disorder影響成像,而打斷視覺纖維的損害導致不同的視野損失。

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