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Saturday, January 26, 2008



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progressive symptoms –續進方式--Symptoms that continue to get worse.繼續得到更壞的症狀

projection fbers –投射纖維束--Descending and ascending axonal bundles of fibers mediating sensory and motor functions.下降和登高的axonal 捆綁纖維斡旋知覺和馬達作用。

prolactin(PRL)-泌乳素--Hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and is responsible for initiating milk secretion by the mammary glands. 激素由先前腦下垂體藏匿和負責對創始牛奶分泌物由乳房封墊。

pronation-內轉--Movement that turns the palm downward. 轉動棕櫚向下的運動

prophase-前期--First stage in cell division. 第一階段在細胞分裂。

proprioception-本體感覺--Internal awareness of position, posture, and movement. 位置、姿勢, 和運動的內部了悟。

prosencephalon(forebrain)-前腦--Embryonic part of the brain that develops into the cerebral hemispheres, basal ganglia, and limbic system. 顯現出成大腦半球、基礎神經節, limbic 系統腦子的胚胎部份。

prosopagnosia-人面盲目性--Acquired impairment in the ability to recognize familiar faces.A right parietal lobe symptom. 被獲取的損傷在能力認可熟悉的faces.A 頭頂骨耳垂症狀。

protopathic-原始感覺力--Primitive sensory system that includes pain, temperature, and crude touch. 包括痛苦、溫度, 和粗暴接觸的原始知覺系統。

protraction-延長--Movement that projects a limb or organ forward. 射出肢體或器官今後的運動。

pseudobulbar palsy-假延髓性麻痺--Pathologic condition involving bilateral supranuclear paralysis of the speech muscles-Has significant implications for spastic dysarthria. 病理性情況介入講話的雙邊supranuclear 痲痺肌肉有重大涵義為痙攣構音障礙。

psychomotor(partial complex)seizure-心理引發的癲癇--Convulsive disorder secondary to lesions involving the medial temporal lobe structures(amygdale, hippocampus, and overlying temporal cortex).Characterized by recurring episodes of automatic, irrational behavior of which there usually is no memory. 震動性混亂次要對損害介入中間世俗耳垂structures(amygdale 、海怪, 和疊加的世俗cortex).Characterized 由復發的情節自動, 不合理的行為那裡通常是沒有記憶。

psychosis-神經病--Severe form of mental disorder characterized by a disorganization of thinking, personality, and behavior. The presence of delusions and hallucinations interfere with daily life. 精神錯亂的嚴厲形式為認為, 個性, 和行為的解體描繪。錯覺出現和幻覺干涉日常生活。

psychosomatic-由神經引起的--Refers to bodily disorders thought to be caused entirely or partly by emotional disturbances. 提到身體混亂想法由情感干擾整個地或部分造成。

pterygopalatine ganglion-翼顎神經節--Parasympathetic postganglion of the facial nerve. 面部神經的副交感神經的postganglion

pulvinar-丘齒後結部--The posterior most thalamic nucleus. 後部多數thalamic 中堅力量。

pupil-瞳孔--Opening through which light enters the eye and strikes the retina. 打開通過哪]光進入眼睛和碰撞視網膜。

papillary accommodation-乳突的適應--Bilateral reflexive constrictive reaction of the pupil in response to bright light. A parasympathetic activity. Involves the projection of light to the midbrain pretectal area and to the Edinger-Westphal(visceral)nucleus of the oculomotor cranial nerve, the ciliary ganglion, and the papillary constrictor muscle. 瞳孔的雙邊反射收縮性的反應以回應明亮的光。副交感神經的活動。介入光的投射對midbrain pretectal 區域和對oculomotor 頭蓋骨神經、ciliary 神經節, 和乳頭狀的縮窄器肌肉的Edinger-Westphal(visceral)nucleus

papillary aperture-乳突的口徑--Opening of the pupil. 瞳孔的開頭。

papillary light reflex-乳突的光反射--Change in diameter of the pupils in response to projected light. Mediated by the visceral fibers of the oculomotor cranial nerve from the brainstem to the iris. 改變瞳孔的直徑以回應計劃的光。由oculomotor 頭蓋骨神經的發自內心的纖維斡旋從brainstem 對虹膜。

pure tone audiometry-純音聽力測定--Audiologic assessment evaluating hearing thresholds to pure tone stimuli. Audiologic 評估評估的聽力門限對純淨的口氣刺激。

pure word deafness-純詞聾--Aphasic syndrome characterized by the isolation of the language cortex from the primary auditory cortices as a result of a bilateral lesion in the temporal lobes. Aphasic 綜合症狀為語言外皮的隔離描繪從主要聽覺外皮由於雙邊損害在世俗耳垂。

Purkinje cells-浦金埃細胞--Large cerebellar nerve cells. 大小腦的神經細胞。

putamen---Anatomic structure of the basal ganglia. 基礎神經節的 解剖結構。

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