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Monday, March 10, 2008



Review Exercise 8.3

Without referring to chapter 8, fill in each of the following blanks with the correct term from the chapter. The correct answers are provided at the back of the book. Carefully, review the material related to your incorrect answers.

沒有提到章節8, 用正確期限填裝每個以下空白從章節。正確答復被提供在後面的書。仔細地, 回顧材料與您的不正確答復有關。

Retinal ganglion cells carry signals out of the eye to the lateral geniculate nuclei. 1. 視網膜神經節細胞運載信號在眼睛外面對側向膝狀的中堅力量。

The auditory nerve leaves the cochlea as part of 8th cranial nerve and terminated in the ipsilateral cochlea nuclei.

2. 聽覺神經留下耳蝸作為第8根頭蓋骨神經一部分和終止在同側邊耳蝸中堅力量。

Axons from the medial hemiretinas decussate in the optic chiasm; axons from the lateral hemiretinas do not.

3. 軸突從中間hemiretinas 交叉在視交叉; 軸突從側向hemiretinas 不。

Primary somatosensory cortex is located in the postcentral gyrus of each parietal lobe.

4. 主要體感覺皮質區位於各頭頂骨耳垂的postcentral gyrus

1. As the result of the pattern of decussation in the visual pathways, information about any object that we see to the left of our center of gaze is conducted from the left eye to the right hemisphere and from the right eye to the right hemisphere.

5. 由於交叉的樣式在視覺路, 關於我們看在我們的注視左邊的中心的任一個對象的資訊被舉辦從左眼睛對正確的半球和從右眼睛對正確的半球。

2. Information about touch and proprioception ascends the spinal cord ipsilaterally in the dorsolateral spinal cord.

6. 關於觸覺和本體感覺的資訊同側邊的登高脊髓在外側脊髓。

3. The two general regions of secondary visual cortexin each hemisphere are the prestriate cortex and the inferotemporal cortex.

7. 次要視覺皮質區的二個一般地區各個半球是prestriate皮質和inferotemporal皮質。

4. The optic nerves become known as the optic tracts once they have passed the optic chiasm and the brain.

8. 視覺神經出名作為視覺短文一旦他們通過了視交叉和腦子。

5. The superior olivary nuclei receive signals from the cochlear nuclei and conduct them via the lateral lemniscus to the inferior colliculi.

9. 上橄欖核接受信號從耳蝸核和引導他們通過外側丘系對下丘。

6. The thalamic relay nuclei of the auditory system are the medial geniculate nuclei.

10. 聽覺系統的thalamic relay nuclei 是內側膝狀體神經核。

7. Primary auditory cortex is located in the superior region of each temporal nuclei.

主要聽覺皮質區位於每一個temporal 核的優越區

8. Much of the primary auditory cortex is in Heschl’s gyri, which are located in the lateral fissure.


9. The primary visual cortex constitutes much of the occipital lobe.


10. The dorsal column nuclei are located in the medulla.

dorsal column nuclei位於脊隨內

11. The PAG is located in the midbrain around the cerebral trigeminal.


12. Tactual and proprioceptive information from the face reaches the brain via the three branches of the trigeminal nerve, the fifth cranial nerve.

16. 觸覺和本體感覺的資訊從面孔到達腦子通過三叉神經, 第五根頭蓋骨神經的三個分支。

13. Primary visual cortea is organized retinotopically; primary auditory cortex organized tonotopically; and primary somatosensory cortex is organized somatotopically.

17. 主要視覺皮質區由retinotopically組織成; 主要聽覺皮質區由tonotopically組織成; 並且主要感覺皮質區由somatotopically組織成。

14. The topographic map in primary somatosensory cortex is often referred to as the somatosensory homunculus.

18. 地形圖在主要感覺皮質區經常指somatosensory homunculus

15. Secondary visual, auditory, and somatosensory cortexs all project to posterior parietal association cortex.

19. 次要視覺, 聽覺, 和感覺皮質區所有項後頂葉皮質聯合皮質。

16. Endorphins excite neurons in the periqueductal gray.

20. 腦內啡激發神經元在PAG

17. The raphé nuclei are serotonergic nuclei of the midbrain reticular formation.

縫際核簇是中腦網狀結締組織的形成serotonergic nuclei

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