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Saturday, January 26, 2008




Coronal-Vertical section dividing the brain into front and back.

冠狀縫切面: 把大腦切成正面的垂直面和後面‧

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Corona radiate- crown-shaped, fanned sensorimotor fibers located above the internal capsule.

放射冠,(在大腦皮質): 冠狀形成,開扇在位於內囊上方的感覺運動的纖維

參考資料: (文字資料Progenitors of the Zygote倒數12)

Coronary artery disease(CAD)-condition in which atherosclerotic plaque narrows the coronary arteries, reducing the blood flow to the heart muscles.

冠狀動脈疾病: 動脈粥狀硬化使冠狀動脈呈現縮小的狀態,降低心肌對血流的功能。

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Corpora quadrigemina-tectal structure. Four egg-shaped structures(inferior and superior colliculi) in the dorsal midbrain that serve as reflex centers for vision and audition.

四疊體,(在中腦之後): 兩側斜下的架構。4個像蛋形成的架構(上丘和下丘) 做為視力和聽覺反射中心位在背側中腦裡。

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Corpus callosum-largest bundle of axonal fibers that interconnects the cerebral hemispheres.

胼胝體: 相互連接大腦兩邊半球的最大的軸突纖維。

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Corpus striatum-see striatum.


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Cortex-collection of nerve cells that forms the external surface of the brain.

皮質: 形成大腦的外部表面的神經細胞的集合。

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Cortical blindness-neurologic syndrome characterized by blindness for shapes and patterns with preserved ability to distinguish light from dark. Associated with bilateral damage to the visual cortex.

皮質盲: 神經病學的綜合症為形狀和有保護的分辨光和暗的能力的圖案以盲目為特點與雙邊的皮層的損害相關。

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Corticobulbar fibers-long axonal projections fibers, also called pyramidal fibers, originating in the motor cortex and descending to terminate on spinal motor nuclei. This tract regulates the motor control of skeletal muscles.


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Cortisol-steroid hormone released by the adrenal cortex that inhibits the immune system and mobilizes energy.

皮質淳: 抑制免疫系統並且調動能量的腎上皮層釋放的皮質淳類固醇激素。

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Cranial nerves-the 12pairs of nerves in the peripheral nervous system that innervate buccofacial muscles and mediate sensations of vision, smell, and touch from face.


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Craniosacral outflow-parasympathetic preganglionic neurons with their cell bodies located in the brainstem and in the lateral gray matter of the sacral portion of the spinal cord.

顱骨流出: 有位於腦幹和在脊髓的薦骨部分,橫向灰質裡的細胞本體的副交感神經前的神經元。

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Craniosacral system-parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system with preganglionic cell bodies located in the brainstem and in the lateral gray matter of the sacral portion of the spinal cord. Concerned with conserving bodily energy.

顱骨系統: 位於腦幹的神經節前的細胞體的自主神經系統的副交感神經系統得劃分 並且在脊髓的薦骨部分的橫向灰質裡。涉及儲存身體的能量。

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Craniotomy-surgical procedure used to open the skull for removing pathologic tissue from the brain.

顱骨切除術: 外科的手術用來替大腦除去病態的組織切開頭顱

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Cranium-skeleton of the skull that protects the brain.


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Cranium bifidum-embryologic malformation marked by absence of cranial bone fusion leading to herniation of the meninges and cortex,

顱骨裂: 胚胎上畸形以造成腦膜和皮層的顱骨腦膜突出形成‧

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Cremasteric reflex-retraction of the testicle on stroking the skin of the inner thigh. Absence of this reflex indicates a pyramidal tract lesion(upper motor neuron).

提睪肌的反射: 撫摸大腿內部皮上的睪丸使其收縮。缺乏表面反射錐體的道損傷(上面有運動神經元) .

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease-neurologic disorder marked by an ataxia, abnormalities of gait and speech, mood changes, cognitive impairments, seizures, and myoclonus. caused by an infectious agent, such as the spongiform encephalopathies of animals.


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Cristae-vestibular sensory hair cells embedded in a gelatinous mass that project into the ampulla of each of the three semicircular canals.

: 前庭感覺毛細胞嵌入在三條半圓形的通道中的每個的壼腹中的膠凝群裡。

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Critical period-important developmental period when stimulation and environmental input are capable of modifying the neuronal circuitry in the brain. This period may have different durations for different brain regions.


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Crossed tension reflex-withdrawal of limb in response to painful stimuli with extension of opposite side lower extremities.

交叉壓力反射: 由於有相反邊下肢的擴展的刺激痛使肢體的收回。

Crus cerebri(pes pedunculi)-cortical pyramidal fiber tracts passing through the brainstem on their way to the lower motor neurons in the brainstem and spinal cord.

大腦蒂狀物: 皮質淳的錐體纖維通道在他們去在腦幹和脊髓裡的更低的運動神經元的路上透過腦幹。

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